Trump vs Clinton: Round 3.

Trump vs Clinton: D & H Shining on 14th Street by Mike Maguire ( License: CC BY 2.0.
Was the third time the charm for the two aspiring candidates, or did they continue on the steep, awkward downhill slope that was the second presidential debate? Let’s have a look at what happened in the final round of Trump vs Clinton. Ding-ding-ding!1

Hillary Clinton came into the third debate on top. Pretty much every poll showed her in front of Donald Trump. Pussygate turned out to cause a lot more trouble for the Donald than I predicted, and his continuous failure to just flat out apologize didn’t help much either. The Republican nominee entered the stage as a wounded lion. Everything was set for an extension of the crap throwing contest that started during the second debate. At least I excepted Trump to attempt a citizens arrest on stage.

But that never happened. The third debate somehow turned out to be the most civil of the three. The candidates discussed actual topics, like abortion, Aleppo, and immigration. On abortion, Hillary Clinton promised to “defend Planned Parenthood”, a statement that meant she lost Utah on the spot. But that state has been a lost cause for her since the beginning of the campaign. There’s a good chance her stance on planned parenthood made her more votes from female voters than she lost from the evangelicals.


The most interesting takeaway from the third debate wasn’t really where the candidates stand on your everyday political issues. It was whether or not Donald Trump will set America on fire if he loses the election come November.

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Facebook Sucked Me Back In!

F for Facebook.

In 2011, I deleted my Facebook account. But now, through my selfish need to spread the good word, my old nemesis has sucked me back into its cold and clammy embrace.

Deleting a Facebook account can quickly prove to be social suicide. In my case, that wasn’t much of a problem. Contrary to what you might have heard in April, I’ve never had an outrageously active social life. The people I spent time with still answered they phones, and Anniken, who was on Facebook, was my other social lifeline. Even without Facebook, I’ve somehow miraculous managed to get on with my life, and function like a normal human being for the past five years.

A while ago, however, I decided to start dabbling in cryptocurrency. More precisely, I wanted to get a Steemit account. Steemit is a bit like Reddit, but its users don’t seem to be narcissistic trolls who want to see the world burn. Also, the content on Steemit is mostly user generated, whereas Reddit functions a lot more like a link machine. The most attractive feature of Steemit, however, is that users get paid for the content they create. If you write a popular article, you are awarded with STEEM, the platform’s cryptocurrency. STEEM can then be traded on one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges.

There was one huge issue with Steemit at the time, though: You had to have a Facebook account to register.

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A Quick Look at Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch.

The innovators at Nintendo has finally revealed their anticipated new gaming system: The Nintendo Switch. Formerly known by the code name “NX”, the Switch looks like a 7 inch-ish tablet. It comes with detachable controls and a (possibly optional) docking station.

The teaser video, which you can watch below, sure shows couple of neat ideas. The detachable controls and docking station enable you to move from gaming in your living room to gaming on the go without much effort. This means that your dog doesn’t have to poop in a corner of your living room anymore. You can simply take the game with you, seemingly without interruptions. It also looks like a bunch of Switch devices can be set up in an ad-hoc network, allowing people to play the same game together on different devices.

It’s clear that Nintendo has no intentions of competing with the gaming console heavyweights, Xbox and PlayStation. Also, there’s no mentioning of anything even remotely related to VR. The competition is mobile phone, and tablets. I’m not sure why you would want to carry around a Nintendo Switch when you’ve already got a phone or tablet with you. But one possible selling point might be exclusive access to Nintendo’s popular gaming franchises.

The Nintendo Switch is not for me, though. To be honest, Nintendo has never been for me. That’s one of my secret shames in life. I’ve never owned a Nintendo product. Actually, I’ve never played more than 5 minutes of a Mario game, or even touched a Wii U1. As with other Nintendo products, there’s very little about the Switch that appeals to me. It also looks like a pretty flimsy and frail piece of plastic, and not really something you’d want to bring with your anywhere.

But, hey, Nintendo probably know a lot more about their business than I do.

The Nintendo Switch is available March 2017.

The Questionable Ethics of Mickey Mouse & Friends.

The Questionable Ethics of Mickey Mouse & Friends: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cast.

Join me in exposing the questionable ethics of Mickey Mouse in an adventure where some of Walt Disney’s favorite characters team up to rob a mentally challenged man.

Our two year old loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Propping her in the sofa with some breakfast, and her favorite TV show on the idiot box on a Saturday morning brings calm and serenity to the household. We usually watch with her, and recently we had the pleasure of watching the story of “Donald and the Beanstalk“.

In the episode, Donald trades his favorite chicken for magical beans from a mentally challenged giant. Realizing that the beans are not magical in the way he thought, he throws them angrily to the ground. The beans then rapidly grow into a huge beanstalk, which leads up into the cloud where the giant lives. This shows that the beans were, in fact, magical after all, making the terms of the trade – favorite chicken for magical beans – valid.

Organized Crime

Despite it being a fair trade, Donald is hellbent on getting his chicken back. That he has now used the beans doesn’t seem to be important to him. He teams up with Mickey and Goofy, and they all climb the beanstalk to the giant’s farm to steal Donald’s chicken back. At the farm, they sneak past the giant, who is sleeping peacefully in his bed, and locate the chicken. It looks like they are about to commit the perfect crime. But on their way back from the farm, the chicken cackles, and the giant wakes up.

The chase is on.

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The AI War 2 Campaign is Now on Kickstarter.

Arcen Games' AI War 2 Kickstarter campaign poster.

Arcen Games entered the strategy game stage in 2009 with AI War: Fleet Command. The genre confused grand strategic 4X tower defense RTS title turned a lot of heads in a time when great strategy games weren’t exactly in abundance.

AI War has received no less than 6 expansions since the release in 2009. Arcen Games has developed a number of other games as well, but none of them have seen the same level of success as their inaugural release. Their latest endeavor, In Case Of Emergency, Release Raptor, failed to meet sales expectations, and is now available as a free-to-play game.

In Arcen founder Chris Park’s autopsy of the Release Raport failure, he revealed that the company’s next project would be a sequel to AI War. Now the campaign has finally launched on Kickstarter, which means you can start throwing money at it.

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