It’s now been a week and a few days since I moved out of U12 and into the new apartment. Most of the cardboard has been thrown away, the studio rig has been installed again - and I hope I will have time to use it again soon, too - and the smoke detectors are in place. After two and a half years in U12 I have grown kind of paranoid when it comes to fires, so I’ve installed no less than four smoke detectors in a 63 square meters apartment. Some people would probably call it overkill, I call it a sufficient number.

The Xbox is still working too, even if Hans Olav managed to drop it when we were moving my stuff. Looks like Dr. Xbox did a rather good soldering job despite the microscopic soldering points where he had to attach the X3 wires.

Related to the move, I took the people who helped me and their respective better halves out to dinner. Now I can remove another item from The List:

##46. Invite someone on a $500 dinner.

Old bread and water for me for the rest of the month.