100 Things – the Revised Version

So I have this list of 100 Things I plan to do before I croak. Probably a bit weird, but what the hell. A while back I read through the list and realized that there are a few items that are so unlikely to ever be completed that I might as well replace them with something else. There is also one I completed a long time ago, some time in 2006, but for some reason didn’t remove from the list:

#9. Take a photograph I can proudly hang on the wall.

I’ve got two photographs I’ve taken myself hanging in my living room. No, I didn’t take them while I was hanging in my living room. Although they are not photographs extraordinaire, I’m still not ashamed of them - if I was the case, hanging them on the wall would probably be a pretty lame idea. In other words; I find them good enough to check off item #9 from The List.

Another item I’m going to be bold enough to remove now is this:

#65. Get a reasonable BMI.

I’m 178 cm tall, which means that with my current weight my BMI is 23.7 - just about right where it should be. Seem like all those hours of working out have paid off somehow. Now, you might argue that BMI is not the best measurement for a physically healthy body, but it’s good enough for me. Still I’m not sure where that extra weight is, because I can’t see it anywhere. Maybe my scale is broken.

The following items have been replaced:

#14. Rob a bank. Changed to “Visit Tokyo”.

#26. Learn to skate. Changed to “Write a great piece of software”.

#41. Hit a hole-in-one (with witnesses). Changed to “Write a short story and get it published”.

#42. Survive a bar fight. Changed to “Learn a third language well enough to get around in a country where they speak it”.

#45. Get in a brawl, Fight Club style. Changed to “Learn to dance”.

#56. Witness the production of porn in person. Changed to “Go on a helicopter ride”.

#58. Drive a Humwee. Changed to “Go on a cruise”.

#65. Write and speak English like a native Brit. Changed to “Donate blood”.

#67. Sucker-punch a member of the Bush family. Changed to “Grow a Bonsai tree”.

#79. Learn how to sail. Changed to “Bike all the way from where I’m living at the time to my home town”.

These items have been revised:

#8. Release an album. Changed to “Release an album or an EP”.

#72. Finish this list, I guess. Changed to “Finish this list”.

As you can see, a lot of macho bullshit have been replaced with less mind blowing stuff. But while a thing like “donate blood” might come completely natural to you, but I truly hate getting drained, so that will be quite a challenge. Also, I’ve heard that Bonsai trees can be quite demanding.

Good luck to me!


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