120 Days

Anniken left yesterday on her 4 months (or more) tour of Central- and South America together with her friend Pernille. The first month they’ll be working their butts off at a ranch in Argentina, and the next three months they’ll be living the good life traveling the region, in particular Costa Rica, where Pernille has some friends. If they are having a great time and I have some bad luck, they can even extend their return tickets by two additional months. As if four months was long enough, eh?

Now, if you think to yourself that “sending a blond hottie to a continent full of tan hunks sounds like a very, very bad idea”, I have to agree with you. As we all know, a lot of things can happen in 4+ months, both at home and abroad. But we both want to pick up where we left off when she gets home, and I, for one, don’t have a problem with waiting for her.

Besides, what’s a guy to do? If this had been her third trip to the Americas this year, I probably would have been a little more reluctant about the everything, but it was something she wanted to do, has planned for a long time - and in many ways had to do and should do - so who am I really to stand in her way? We’ll stay in touch by text messages, e-mail, and hopefully some phone calls. If we’re lucky, she’ll even be able to Skype me.

Yeah, I probably sound like a whipped son of a bitch, but when it comes to Anniken, I don’t mind. I know what I’m waiting for.

I think I just gave myself diabetes.


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