About six hours ago I started my two weeks summer vacation. What to do, what to do? Since Steam has one of their damn sales at the moment, you’d probably think I’d hoard cheap, high quality games, stock up on frozen pizza and Burn energy drinks, lock the door and stay inside for two weeks.

But, no. I’ve got a few titles, like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but I won’t have the time to play them much. I’m just behaving like women do when it’s a shoe sale going on; buying the games because they are too cheap to pass and I know that I will “have the time to play them soon”. No, instead of playing computer games1, Anniken and I are spending one week somewhere hot with her family and then another week cleaning and painting our old apartment. Good times!

During the week of hot air and high humidity, I predict there will be a lot of beach time, but I’m well prepared with a copy of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, the last book in the series. It’s big as two bricks laid on top of each other and the text is remarkably tiny. My best guess is that I won’t be even close to finishing it when we return home. Apart from reading, I’m hoping to practice a little bit of bar tending on the trip, and follow up on the success of the Summer Surprise.

Originally, Summer Surprise was supposed to the first drink in a series of four; one for each season. Because I have a sorry excuse for a liquor cabinet and that liquor is ridiculously expensive in Norway, I never got around to make the three other drinks. But now, since we’re going to a country where alcohol is cheaper than water, I thought I should take the opportunity to make drinks for fall, winter and spring as well. The colours are important. Orange, white and green? I realize that Hans Olav and I messed up a little when we picked green to represent summer, since it’s more of a spring colour. Maybe we should have picked blue instead?

Well, these are the kind of things I’m thinking of right now. I can’t complain.

  1. Anniken probably wouldn’t have played that much computer games anyway, to be honest. ↩︎