18 Down, 82 to go

On December 5th last year, I completed another item on The List:

#28 Be a member of the audience in a TV show.

If you were lucky, you might even have seen me. A recorded version of the show was aired and I saw myself, at least. Interesting. That also means that I can cross off

#22 Be on TV.

Even though it was probably not how I imagined it would happen.

While we’re on the subject of The List: Since that Friday in December last year when I almost accidentally removed the two above items from the list, it was over a year since the previous item had been checked off and that’s not very impressive. When I read through the list a few weeks back, I realized that there are of course a couple of things on it that I will never actually complete unless the world turns into some alternative version of itself where I’m not myself either.

You might argue that The List Should Not Be Changed, but is has already been edited at least once since it was written. The third item, which at some point read “have sex with a prostitute” was replaced when Gine started reading through everything. I’m not sure if I was able to change it before she read the list, but she never mentioned it. Oh, well - it would have been removed in the upcoming revision anyway, and “attend a major sports event” honestly sounds much more interesting than to boldly go where a lot of men have gone before and pay for it as well. I’m not even sure what made me add the item in the first place, but I think I might have written the list not long after I returned from a trip to Amsterdam.

Or I might have been sexually deprived.

I’m also pretty sure that item #71, which now reads “finish this list, I guess” was something else entirely in the original list, but I can’t remember what.

Here are a couple of other items that are also up for consideration:

#14 Rob a bank.

#31 Sit on a jury.

#41 Hit a hole-in-one (with witnesses).

#42 Survive a bar fight.

#45 Get in a brawl, Fight Club style.

#52 Take a year off.

#53 Spend a night in a haunted house.

#58 Drive a Humwee.

#61 Drive a car getaway-style.

#65 Write and speak English like a native Brit.

#68 Sucker-punch a member of the Bush family.

#69 Stop being semi-dyslectic.

#81 Throw ten three-pointers in row.

I’m mean, “sucker-punch a member of the Bush family”. What the hell was I thinking?


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