At the moment there is a little glitch in the weather system (a few extra spaces where they don’t belong), but this is because of some changes on the Yahoo! Weather servers. I can fix it on my side, but I’ll give it a day and see if it fixes itself. It has done that before.

My “get-up-early-be-a-better-person”-project is working out all right. So far I’ve only been up running one morning, but the rest of the week, I’ve woke up at Stine’s place and getting home from her can be a hard bicycle ride. And, amazingly, I haven’t died from exhaustion yet, either.

Yesterday I spent in serious nerd mode, signing up for a 7 day free try-out of Anarchy Online. I have to remember to cancel my subscription within seven days, or they will charge me about $20 for the game. It’s a very good game, a little hard because I choose to start out as a doctor. They have lousy fighting skills and it’s not easy to get anywhere at first. So why cancel the subscription if it’s fun? I’ll have to live a little in Real Life (TM), too… I also played some Hard Trucks: 18 Wheels of Steel, a trucker sim. Yay!