2 Down, 98 to Go.

Long time, no see, eh? Stine left today, after almost a week with me here in Oslo. It was nice, everything went just fine. I might go to Trondheim in not-so-long.

On Saturday we went to Ola and Hege‘s place where I made dinner for the four of us. Doing that I crushed two birds with one stone, giving away my late Christmas present to Ola and Hege: Three home made dishes of the finest European cuisine. And since no one died of food poisoning and I didn’t burn down their apartment, I think I’ll be frank enough to remove item #77 from my list of 100 things to do before I die: Become a semi-acceptable cook.

In between the battles I’ve been playing some more Need for Speed Underground. The game is getting boring now, I’m playing because I’ve got an obsessive need to complete the damn game rather than the entertainment from the game itself.

I’ve been promised yet another extension to my contract at NRK, this time until the end of May. This means that I’m still looking for a more secure job and if you’ve got one, let me know.

I like shooting in the dark.

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  1. i’m sure you can rush through a few more of these…

    “draw on a wall”
    “get a professional massage”
    “fly a kite”
    “send a message in a bottle”
    “participate in a demonstration”
    “make a complete and utter fool of myself”

    what’s stopping you from doing these things? and have you really never done that last one before?


  2. Good to hear you’ve still got a job.. and I understand what your saying ’bout NFSu .. I’m at 70+somethin’ now.. and probably won’t bother to finish the game..