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Thoughts and comments

Marte Nathalie is a busy person. She has written interesting comments on all my thoughts.

OK, not all of them, just the things I have written in the thoughts section.

I can’t help it, I just love Lancelog2000.

Florida Picture-O-Rama

As promised: Here are a bunch of pictures, 123 to be exact, taken on my trip to Florida.

Have a blast.

Enter, stage left

I’m back from Florida. Nice and sunny. Pictures comming up soon, and I will probably write a few words about it.

Thanks to Marte Nathalie for leting me know when I screw up…

Good bye for now…

At least for two weeks+. Tomorrow at 6am local time, I’m going to Florida. I look forward to it. But I wish the weather forecast was better.

As a “good bye”-gift I added a little something in the Opposite Sex section for you. Have a laugh.

I’ve also bought a 48mb memory card for my digital camera, which means I can take over 650 pictures on my trip. I’ll post some of them here when I get back.