Roadtrippin’ with M2M

Lately, I’ve been starting my posts with rather peculiar headings. Like the one for this post: “Roadtrippin’ with M2M”. It doesn’t make much sense, now does it? Some of you might not know who M2M are, or rather were. M2M were a duo of two Norwegian girls, Marit and Marion. They had some international success, with two albums, an appearance on Dawson’s Creek and a song on the Pokemon soundtrack among other things. They didn’t play my kind of music, though, and I didn’t cry much when their record company pulled the plug on them while they were touring the US of A with Jewel. Two more childhood friends becoming enemies over issues like money and personal success. Marion is going solo, I’m not sure what Marit is doing. So, if I didn’t like their music very much, how come I know so much about them? Norway is a small country, and as soon as some Norwegians have any kind of success somewhere outside the Norwegian borders, the media makes a very big deal out of it. And, besides that, they were both good looking and that usually draws my attention.

And I’ve been on a road trip with these two chicks? Nah, not exactly. I just had a strange dream tonight. Me and Klas (and I might recall that Hallvard was there, too) were driving along in a blue van, when M2M suddenly appears in the middle of the road. So, we stop the van – naturally – and starts chatting with the lost girls. At some point I come up with the brilliant idea to kidnap the two former superstars. And that we do. For no particular reason. From there on, things are a little blurry, but I think that’s just as well.

It’s the 24th of December today, which means that Christmas eve is finally here. I still have some presents to wrap, hope I get it right this year. Merry Christmas to all of you, have a great evening.

Cold drinks in a cold, dark forest

Every year on the 22nd of December, the people of Kongsberg, a few miles from Notodden where I’m right now, head for the forest to build fires, drink heavily and have fun in the snow. This year, yours truly, Tomas and Håkon decided to tag along with Klas and Roar, who have embraced the tradition and made it one of their many reasons for living.

Kongsberg is an old miners town and the tradition is something that the minors started to celebrate Winter and Christmas – or at least that’s what I’m told. I can understand that they drank in the cold forest a hundred years ago, since it was probably as cold inside as outside, but, seriously, these days why can’t we just drink inside instead – where it’s not minus 17 degrees Celcius? But I’m a sheep, easily persuasible and a gregarious animal, so I joined the herd anyway.

If you want to know how it was, take your laptop with you. sit in your deep freeze and have a look at the pictures from Drekkedagsnatta 2002. Not the most amusing pictures around, but a good warning for coming genereations.

Some people used the occasion to get a little early practice prior to the upcoming baseball season. Some got to third base, but was hoping for a homerun, while others got a quick stop at second base, and was very pleased with that. Good for them!

Update: It looks like none of our players got any closer than 2nd base. But, what the hell, that’s fun too, right?

The Apache is not an Indian

Since I’ve got some quality time ahead of me, I kind of thought I should do something about the design on this site and code my own backend for content control. So, yesterday I installed Apache, MySQL and PHP on my Dell laptop. Installing each one was no sweat, but getting PHP and Apache to work together was a tiny pain in the ass. I first installed Apache 2.0, but couldn’t get PHP to read variables from the querystring with it. So, I decided to install phpdev 4.something-something instead, to get a pre-configured setup.

Half way through the installation I decided that I couldn’t go for a solution like that. What kind of computer engineer am I, if I’m unable to set up a simple webserver on my own? So, I removed phpdev and installed Apache again, this time 1.3 instead. Unfortunately, I ended up with having the same problem as with Apache 2, but after a while of httpd.conf hacking, I realized I had to set the RegisterGlobals variable… And the problem was gone. Yay for me.

Yesterday night I spent with Klas, Tomas, Håkon and Kristoffer, drinking beer. We also saw a documentary about stalking (where I picked up some nice pointers on what to do to not get caught), played some Counter-Strike and generally talked a lot of shit

The People Against Snorer – The Court is in session

And I’m now home-home at my parents place in Notodden where I’ll spend Christmas and New Years. During the 9 hours bus trip from Trondheim to Oslo I made the following observations:

1. Snoring should be considered a capital crime. A appropriate punishment would be severe beating with a large baseball bat, and might be executed by any citizen within audible range of the criminal.

2. If you have to take the bus home from Christmas, you are not important. You don’t need to have the sound on your mobile phone turned on during the night. See above for a suitable punishment.

Just a quickie

Just a quick update for you. I’m going home-home tonight. I saw Two Towers yesterday. The first movie was better.