Some glitches fixed, some cosmetic changes and some fun

The newsfeed had a bad tendency to go a little nuts when errors occured in the RDF files collected from the publisher. This has not been fixed, since it’s a little hard for me to fix external feeds, but the error message(s) generated by the parser is (are) a little easier to understand.

I also made some cosmetic changes to the author section. Added icons for the messenger services for easier recognition. I’m planning to add a weather forecast thingy with the Trondheim weather.

Not much happening these days. My classes at the university begin again on Tuesday, since I have no classes on Monday this semester. So this year I can party on Sundays, too.

If you haven’t seen it already, have a look here for the ultimate SPAM-showdown – Bernard Shifman Is A Moron Spammer. Yep…

Bang & Crash and here we go again!

A few days before Christmas I gave up on my free host, f2s. Because they had overbooked their servers, I didn’t get the 20MBs I was promised. Their disks were full and every other Greymatter entry was destroyed. This was in the middle of my end term exams and I didn’t have the time nor energy to deal with it.

But now the end term exams are over (I’ve not seen any results yet), I’m happy again and I’ve got a little more time before the new semester starts at my university. So I moved the site to my university account where I have 60mb, PHP, Perl and MySQL – everything you need to get a nice site up and running.

New additions:
* Newsfeeds – by clicking on the feed link next to some of the news sources to the right you can have the latest headlines from that source listed on the top of this page (front page only). Contact me if you know of any good sources.
* A FAQ – Got any questions? Have a look at the FAQ. Link to the right.
* Updated the cast section. Hit the link below this post.
* Some new radio streams (to your right).
* Updated the author section, also to your right.

Back on track

Everything is now working as it was on f2s. Trying to find a good RDF parser, looks like I have to make one myself. I wonder if I have time for that. No more time now, gotta go.