Wanna syndicate?

I have to admit something. I sometimes buckle under pressure. Because of the hundreds of threatening e-mails, angry phone calls and obscure IM messages I’ve received since I wrote the pro/con-entry about RSS I’ve decided to give you guys access to a RSS 2.0-compliant XML-feed. It’s been tested in FeedDemon and it worked like a charm, so I dare you to take it for a spin in your favourite news reader. It’s pretty basic, it only gives you the headings, the first paragraph and a link back to the actual entry for the last 10 entries posted. You can find the feed at https://www.vegard.net/rss.xml and read more about it in the About section.

Like I feared, Camilla didn’t have the time to meet me when I went to Trondheim to visit Stine. The roads were too icy for her to take the car into town from her parent’s house where she stayed during Christmas, and because of the holidays there were no buses going back in the evening. So, I simply hung her Christmas present on the door nob outside her apartment and went back to Stine’s place for a shower and some food. Let’s hope no one stole it.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Well, it’s technically today, but as we all know the new day doesn’t start until you’ve slept for a while. Anyway, I’m not sure what to do in the evening. Sitting home alone is an option, but it’s an option I’d like to avoid. Not because I’m not able to entertain myself, it’s because it’s the public’s general impression that only freaks and people with no friends sit alone in their apartment during New Year’s Eve. Since I’m fortunate enough to have friends and only be somewhat freakish, I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do. At the time of writing, I’ve got four options:

  • Try to convince Klas that he should drink beer with me here in downtown Oslo instead of with some people he’ll spend the next week with diving anyway.
  • Squeeze in between Terje and Inger, who’re spending the evening in Oslo. But that’s something I really don’t want to, not because they’re not pleasent people, it’s because I think I’ll let the love birds be love birds by themselves.
  • Go to Kongsberg and play with Roar, Håkon, Kristoffer, possibly Tomas and a bunch of Roar’s friends that I probably don’t know too well. The only downside with this idea is that I have to spend hours on the fucking bus. Again. And I just realized that Roar is not represented in the Cast. Why the hell not? It’s on my TODO-list, man.
  • Go to Lillehammer and visit Merete. Involves a rather long train ride. Not very likely to happen.

Why can’t we all live in the same city, damn it? I’ll let you know what I ended up doing. Because I’m pretty damn sure you want to know just that.

Respect my authoritah!

I’m back from the wilds, from a place with a name I can’t really remember, let alone spell. Four days on a farm, almost in the middle of nowhere, with the worst GSM-conditions in the country (probably), and, if I was lucky, a GPRS-connection if I pressed my phone against the South wall. A $50 taxi ride home from the nearest disco/pub, simply called "The Hotel" Which closed at one in the morning.

Quickly summed up: I had a very good time with Stine and her family.

I don’t feel I’ve got too much to write right now, so I think I’ll just grab some food and watch a couple of episodes of the second season of South Park. The DVD arrived on the 23rd, but I’ve not had the time to get it at the post office until today. Go get them, Cartman!

You’re Bubba. No, I’m Buddha

It looks like that bitch Bubba (site is still using Flash) totally ruined my love for music. I’m sitting here in total silence now, something that’s very unusual in my case. I was planning to make another one of those mix CDs for Camilla for Christmas (I’ve never claimed that I’m imaginative when it comes to gifts, and I think she liked the mix I made for her birthday, so I decided to make another one).

But all the tracks I had planned to put on the CD were ripped from radio.wazee and thanks to a song vs. song information delay all the ripped MP3 files contain a few seconds of the previous song, meaning that I had to do a tiresome "split, merge and then split again"-operation on every song with perfect timing to get the CD to sound all right. But thanks to Bubba I really didn’t feel like doing that tonight. To be honest, I don’t have the time to put the CD together anyway, what I really should be doing now is to pack. I don’t feel like doing that either. What I want to do is sleep.

Camilla told me today that she probably won’t have the time to see me during my four and a half hour pit stop in Trondheim when I’m waiting for Stine to get finished at work. Which means that I’ll just have to hang her other present on her front door and hope that no one steals it. It’s a bloody shame, really, that she probably doesn’t have the time, she’s a great girl and I feel that she’s slipping away already. She’s having a very good time with her boyfriend right now, which is great, of course, she deserves that and more, but because of her tight schedule with work, school, boyfriend and other everyday things, I hardly hear anything from her anymore.

Maybe I should tell this to Camilla instead of you guys. Probably.

Anyway… This is the last entry to be posted in a while, the next entry will be written in the evening of December 29 at the earliest, so I just want to repeat what I said in yesterday’s entry: I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Yay!

Back in the Mudd

Or maybe it’s "Mud". I’ve seen both. Listening to radio.wazee a couple of days ago, I heard “Back in the Mudd” by Bubba Sparxxx (FlaW). The version I heard was a mix with Travis Barker (Blink-182, Boxcar Racer, The Transplants). The original version is good – I certainly recommend the video of reasons that’ll be obvious to you when you watch it – but the mix really kicks. I’ve probably played the song twenty plus times today, I’m likely to get tired of it soon, but I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Today was one of those Sunday when I really didn’t have anything planned and really didn’t do anything constructive. Actually, that’s not entirely true, because I wrote three job applications. Although I got my contact with NRK extended until February 29 – thank you, leap year – I still have to find something to do if I don’t get another extension when my contract runs out. I’m extremely sick and tired of writing job applications, having done it almost continuously since March. If I’m lucky, it’ll pay off.

I also watched through all of the bonus material on the third disc of the The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Platinum Series Special Extended Edition. I’m not a huge fan, but it sure was interesting. I also took a glimpse at the content on the fourth disc, which had a long section about MASSIVE, the software used to generate the huge amount of soldiers fighting on the battle fields. Combining motion capture, AI and computer graphics in a very sophisticated way, I found the whole thing interesting from my usual nerdish point of view.

Christmas is coming up and most of the guys at the office have left on their Christmas vacations. Me, on the other hand, is not that fortunate. Since I just started working this summer, I don’t have any days off, except for the holidays. But it could be worse, I could be in the very unfortunate situation where I didn’t have any work at all. So I’m working both Monday and Tuesday, then going home to Notodden on the 23rd, then I leaving for Trondheim on Christmas Day to visit Stine, staying there until Sunday evening, then taking the bus down to Oslo. Back to the rat-race for a couple of days.

Doing a little math yesterday evening while drinking beer with Terje, Ola and Kaspar, I realized that me and Stine have been dating for a little over a year – I have to do math to figure this out because of reasons you probably know all to well if you’re a regular visitor to this site. Anyhoo… The point is that even if we’ve been dating for that long, I’ve not yet met her parents. This would of course have been perfectly natural if her parents lived in, say, Africa, but they don’t. It takes about one and a half hour (or so I’ve been told) to get to them from Trondheim, where I lived for two years while studying and dating Stine on and off and on and off. Erh… Anyway… This Christmas I’m meeting her parents. And while I’m walking on thin ice, I might as well dance, so I’m attending the annual family party with 40+ other family members from both sides of the family.

"Hi, I’m the guy who ripped out Stine’s guts twice. Nice to meet you, too."

I’m not sure what I’m doing New Year’s Eve, I might go back to Notodden, or I’ll stay here in Oslo. Klas and some fellow diving freaks are going on a diving trip to some foreign country I can’t remember the name of right now on January 1 and they are staying in Oslo on New Years because their flight is leaving rather early in the morning. So I might take the opportunity to say hello to him. We’ll see, we’ll see…

Tonight the US of A raised their security level to high. Excerpt from story over at CNN:

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said the move was the result of a "substantial increase" in the volume of intelligence pointing to "near-term attacks that could either rival or exceed what we experienced on September 11."

Well, there is usually very little on the idiot box during Christmas. I recommend that you stay away from the United States now and forever. And don’t drink Coke. Your money goes to the American devils. Echelon, ding-ding. I probably have my own file by now.

Moving on.

AXE-girl. Are you ready?

Surfing around today I came across the advertisement above. Using good looking girls when advertising for products aimed at young and sexually frustrated men as myself is not that unusual. But the combination of text and picture in this ad certainly caught my attention. What, exactly, are these girls ready for? Are they ready for what this one looks like she is ready for? And where the hell do they hide?

This turned out to be the mother of all entries. I’m not sure if I’m able to post anything until next year, so if I don’t see you until then, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Plan for next year: Start on my 100 things to do before I die-list. May 2004 be even better than 2003. Yay!

RSS. Why you should hate it and love it

This post is fairly technical and probably not of interest to anyone.

Rick Site Summary a.k.a. RDF Site Summary a.k.a. Really Simply Syndication a.k.a. RSS is something that you might not have heard of, unless you’re into blogging, read a lot of news or are just somewhat computer savvy. In short it’s an XML format used to distribute text on the Internet. This is also known as syndication. RSS syndication is used extensively by the blogging community and is supported by all the major tools used, such as Blogger, Movabletype, Radio Userland and TypePad. Online newspapers are also starting to start RSS syndication as a service to their readers.

What can you do with an RSS file? You can download it with an RSS application of your choice. There is a vast number of readers available. The reader will download the RSS file at regular intervals and notify you if it has changed. And this is good because you don’t have to actually surf the net to get the latest news and blog gossip. Some RSS feeds will only contain the headlines, maybe a short summary and links to the actual articles and entries, meaning that you have to surf to the site to read the full article or entry, while some feeds will give you everything.

RSS is bad because it only gives you the content. It leaves out other important elements of a site, like design. This, of course, doesn’t apply to newspapers, which are usually crammed with commercials, meaning that design is a completely lost word when it comes to online newspapers. My guess is that newspapers will stop feeding RSS when they realize that people are actually using it, and not loading the actual sites thus viewing advertisements as often as they used to. The problem is RSS from blogs and other, where the RSS users miss the design and the general feel of the site, which I feel is important.

While I wrote this I realized that I should have an RSS feed for the casual readers, who might never re-visit the site again, but might add the RSS feed to their reader anyway.

Crap, this turned out really messy and uninteresting, still I ended up posting it.

Happy 18th of December! Yay!

The good thing about this entry was that it pushed Rhonda into the archives.