What about an extra twelve?

Bump. Today I’ve been to work for nine hours, I got a hair cut, made a phone call, ate dinner and deleted some SPAM and then I deleted some more SPAM, well over 100 in total. But thanks to POPFile, getting rid of SPAM isn’t exactly hard work. There are too few hours in a day. If you can come up with a thingy that extends the day with, say, twelve hours or so, I’ll buy it. How am I going to find the time to watch my spanking new copy of The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Platinum Series Special Extended Edition (early Christmas gift) when there is only a lousy twenty four hours in a day?

All my Amazon orders from the Christmas shopping spree have now been shipped. Good for me. If I’m lucky, I’ll get the books before Christmas Eve, the DVDs won’t arrive until some time in January next year, but I can live with that. I’ve developed a habit of being able to live with things. I can it "sensible apathy".

Here’s the reasons for the previous entry’s weird title: The Day After Tomorrow. Another of those movies about a global catastrophe with great visual effects and no story or the best movie that 2004 will bring? We’ll see.

Tomorrow I might tell you why I don’t like RSS and why you probably won’t see an RSS feed from this site in the very near future. Unless I convince myself that I’ll do RSS even though I don’t like it. Because I’m Vegard and I give the people what the people want. Mostly.

Where will you be?

My subscription the The Rat Race was extended by another two months today. August 15, October 1, December 31, and now February 29. It gives me a little breathing space. I’m actively looking for a position that’s a little bit more secure. But this will do for now.

Tonight I would like to bring your attention to two undervalued features of this marvelous site you’re currently visiting – my fabulous tiny corner here on what you people so amusingly call "the Internet". You’ll find both these very usable features on the archives page. First, it’s the search feature. You can search through the archives and find all those favourite entries easily! You can also see what other people search for (right now Hallvard is responsible for five of the searches, guess which). Can you ask for more? Yes, you can! Categories! A load of the entries are now filed in various categories, so if you want to quickly find all the posts with free hardcore XXX teenage barely legal pictures and videos in them, you simply select that category and – behold – free pr0n!

DISCLAIMER: Not all the entries have been filed yet, it’s tedious work and I don’t have the money or bananas to hire a trained monkey to do it. And if you got here from, say, Google, because you searched for free hardcore XXX teenage barely legal you dirty old man, you, then I have to disappoint you. I’ve got nothing like that here.

The heading of this entry really doesn’t make any sense because I wrote it when I thought I was going to write about something else than I did. Maybe later. There will probably be no update tomorrow as I’m going out on another one of those Christmas dinners.

Whale steak, anyone?

First of all, you’ve probably noticed this already – unless you just got our of bed – but I guess it’s worth mentioning; American forces claim to have arrested former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. No link for you this time, as you can surf along to any online newspaper and read the story there. Go to your own preferred source. Word on the street is that it’ll be a fair trail and that Hussein can choose his own defence – my best guess is that he’ll go with Norwegian Supreme Court lawyer Tor Erling Staff. This guy has been able to get his fair share of obvious bad guys out of the courts as free men.

And while we’re at the subject of whales. A great actor and media celebrity passed away yesterday, at the age of 27. The world will miss you, Keiko. I hope you’re all able to pick up my enormous amount of sarcasm in this paragraph, I really couldn’t care less about this animal. After having starred in one of the worst movies of the 1990s, a handful of nut cases decided that they wanted to use $20,000,000 plus to reintegrate Keiko with a pod of wild killer whales. They used the money to ship Keiko to Iceland. Where he stayed for a few hours before he swam a good 870 miles to a small Norwegian fjord. Well-spent money!

Anyway, the whale is now gone, the citizens of Halsa enjoy free whale steak and we shall never mention this ever again.

Please remove Rhonda. I want to sleep again

Jeez, that picture of Rhonda is really giving me the creeps. So, just to even things out, I had to post yet another picture of one of the beautiful women over at Cali es Cali. And this one is so good looking the photographer wasn’t able to keep the camera steady enough to get a sharp picture.

Paola from Cali es Cali

And now, after I’ve effectively balanced the beautiful-women-equation, I wish to bring up the subject of broad band providers. If you live in Norway, or at least in the Oslo area and is considering getting a broad band connection, I recommend that you don’t go with Tele2. Don’t even touch these guys with a very long stick. There has been a price war amongst the leading broad band providers over the last couple of weeks, and a lot of people have jumped the bandwagon. This could have been a really good thing, because then we can all share our MP3 files and download pr0n on a much higher speed than before. The problem is that Tele2 – and probably other providers – miscalculated the number of subscribers vs the total capacity in their network. This is probably the main reason why my 704/128 line has behaved like a 64/16 line in the last two weeks, with the occasional 128/32 peak.

My problem is that it have to be really bad before I bother to call costumer support. Some people would probably argue that 64/16 is really bad, especially since I’ve paid for over 10 times that speed. OK, if it wasn’t for the fact that calling costumer support from my cellular costs a small fortune, I’d probably done it a long time ago. If you want to get a broad band connection, I suggest that you wait a month or two until the providers have increased their capacity. All that said, I probably should mention that my connection has been stable and working at it’s supposed speed all evening.

In other news, I saw over at some other site that the classic game Doom by id Software (Flash warning) is celebrating it’s 10th birthday today. This was, at least to my knowledge, the second game – the even more classic Wolfenstein 3-D being the first – to be included in the now-so-popular first person shooter genre. I’ve wasted a lot of hours in front of a computer playing all those first person shooter games.

Tomorrow Stine is visiting. I hope I’ve still got this good feeling in my stomach when she leaves.

Unpredictable water

Just as I started to write this entry, I remembered that tomorrow is the big to-be-or-not-to-be-day when it comes to my future at NRK. You probably know this by now, since I’ve been reminding you about it in pretty much every entry after returned from my…uhm…break. So, I browsed through 20-25 ads, wrote one application and felt that I probably should’ve written more. The problem is that I’ve still got some hope about an extended contract with NRK. I’ll probably write a couple more tomorrow evening if things don’t go exactly as I hope.

I took a walk outside about an hour ago to see if I could find somewhere close to throw away all the metal cans that have been piling up in the kitchen in the last month. Yeah, the closest place to throw them away is of course is garbage cans just outside the apartment building, but I’m raised well, therefore I recycle. I think that I think, therefore I think that I am. Walking from the apartment it was kind of slippery, it’s around 0 degrees centigrade and rather foggy outside at the moment, making the conditions very unpredictable. I’m glad I didn’t take my bike. And I was able to find a place to throw the cans away, too.

Surfing around, I found an article about some woman who sues Schwarzenegger for defamation.

A Hollywood stunt woman who claims she was sexually harassed by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit Monday alleging defamation by the governor and his campaign staff.
The complaint alleges that less than one hour after her news conference October 6, Schwarzenegger’s campaign staff "disseminated to dozens, if not hundreds, of media outlets, reporters and editors an e-mail … that Rhonda Miller was a felon with a long criminal record."

The source of all this ado is that the day before Schwarzenegger was elected California’s governor, Rhonda Miller spoke at a news conference alleging "outrageous acts" of sexual harassment by the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician.

The question is: Did Arnold Schwarzenegger sexually harass Rhonda Miller?

This is Rhonda Miller:
Rhonda Miller

The defence rests.