It’s that time of the year again, here’s The Annual What-Happened-This-Year-Wrap-Up!

2005 was the year I…

  • Tried to convert the site to WordPress a couple of times, but realized that what I’ve got now works for me.
  • Dated a friend of a friend for a month or so, but it didn’t work out too well.
  • Worked even more than in 2004.
  • Bought more The Simpsons and South Park DVDs. Eeexcellent…
  • Had a few other dates that didn’t really lead to anything interesting.
  • Didn’t run as much as I probably should.
  • Completed four more tasks on The List. I also completed four last year, which means I’ll be done in another twenty three years if I continue at this speed.
  • Didn’t post as many entries as I should have.
  • Became an uncle. Yay for that.
  • Accidentally turned my computer into a SPAM zombie.
  • Saw Kent in concert for the second time.
  • Hated my work on several occasions.
  • Pulled the plug and decided to stop having any contact with Stine because it totally ruined my day every time I heard from her.
  • Got a text message from Stine the Monday after Christmas Eve where she wished me a merry Christmas and a happy new year - in spite of the fact that I’d told her “no contact, please”. Thankfully, the text message didn’t ruin my day, I just though of it as a nice thing to do and replied with another best wishes message. There is no particular reason why this unexpected event didn’t spawn a separate entry, as you would expect from me.
  • Moved to a much nicer room in the shared apartment.
  • Played a little bit of Xbox games, but really wish I had time for more.
  • Had my annual Writer’s Hiatus, which lasted for about two months this year.
  • Struggled with comment SPAM and ended up blocking an entire ISP.
  • Dated the most complicated girl I’ve ever met, TC. You probably remember that. I hope she’s still alive and breathing.
  • Had my bike stolen.
  • Bought a new bike, about one third of the price of the old one. You live, you learn.
  • Created the 10 000 days calculator.
  • Played basketball a single time.
  • Sold the company me and two other guys started in February 2003. I have yet to see any money, though…
  • Got burned outside Parkteateret in Oslo. Just hilarious.
  • Went to Rome for a week. Boooriiiing.
  • Had to go to the emergency ward in the middle of the night with one of the girls I live with. Everything went A-OK.
  • Finally bought some dark curtains for my bedroom windows.
  • Played through Half-Life 2 - Game of the year, no doubt.
  • Had my head scanned in one of them CT machines.
  • Went to Trondheim and saw Seigmen in concert for the third time - a concert that was supposed to be their last, but it wasn’t.
  • Didn’t buy an Xbox 360, like both Ola and Hallvard did. Today.
  • Bought my first real gadget - the SleepTracker. It works.
  • Was accused of being a domain thief. Moron.
  • Was offered money to pretend I liked something.
  • Started dating The Girl, who after a while became The Girlfriend - the best I’ve ever had.

If you look at the big picture, this year was OK - I had my ups and downs, as expected. It’s about as good or bad as 2004 was, but it sure ends well and the outlook for 2006 is much better than it was for 2005 when I wrote the 2004 summary last year.

But enough said. Happy new year to everyone, 2006 will be even better than 2005 ever was.


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