In Other News

About a week now since the Indian Ocean Earthquake. You’ve probably heard about it by now, considering it’s not been anything else on TV, on the radio or on the Internet. It makes you wonder; what’s happening in other parts of the world? Did they take the week off in Iraq? What’s happening in Israel at the moment? Did the US nuke Fallujah? If they did, would anybody notice? Are there are Palestinians left? Sure, the tsunami is important news, it’s the deadliest natural disaster in modern history, but let’s not forget that other things are still happening, too.

Also, an interesting paradox is that, according to the UN, “Around 25 million people die annually from hunger”, but I didn’t see any major world wide relief efforts or 24/7 CNN coverage last year because of that.

I guess that wasn’t exactly the type of stuff you’re used to reading here, was it? Ha!


I don’t know about you, but for me, the first day of the new year turned out to be a very lazy one. With the exception of about forty five minutes of work and a half hour jog, I’ve not done anything productive all day. Eating, sleeping, talking with my flat mates, MSN chatting, surfing the web and watching TV. I can only think of one thing that could’ve been a better start on a new year and that was not very likely to happen anyway.

Yesterday was good. First, I had dinner with Ola and Hege and Hege’s younger sister Nina. Then we all went to a party with a lot of people I really don’t know that well, but who I’ve talked to while being drunk before. I tried to upload some picture to the Mobog but couldn’t connect through GPRS. I still can’t by the way.

The best thing about today? My head thinks it’s Sunday, but it’s Saturday – meaning tomorrow could be yet another lazy day!

I tried to install WordPress on Vbox today to see if it was suitable for my needs. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a real pain in the ass to get it up and running, mostly because it’s not compatible with PHP 5. What’s that all about? I’ll probably wait for the 1.5 release of WordPress and give it another go when it’s released. What I should do is to re-code my own CMS from scratch, the code is a mess right now, but I’m not sure if that’s something I really want to, because it’s not really necessary. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. And it’s not broken. Yet.