It’s that time of the year again, here’s The Annual What-Happened-This-Year-Wrap-Up!

2006 was the year I…

  • Lived in a shared apartment that almost caught on fire twice.
  • Got my own apartment and moved out of said shared apartment.
  • Tried to start exercising regularly for the Nth time but failed miserably once again.
  • Bought an Apple MacBook Pro.
  • Hit both the 2.000.000 and 3.000.000 page views marks on the site.
  • Stopped eating anything with an excess amount of sugar, for instance candy.
  • Suddenly developed an unhealthy obsession with football and gambling during the World Cup. It’s probably because of the lack of sugar.
  • Rambled less than usual.
  • Spent a night (almost) in the woods in -12 degrees centigrade.
  • Bought the domain name www.waferbabes.com after a night out on town. Don’t drink and buy domain names.
  • Continued to expand my collection of The Simpsons and South Park seasons. Also started to collect Family Guy. I’m still a sucker for mature cartoons - and by that I don’t mean pr0n, you pervert.
  • Revealed the real name of The Girlfriend.
  • Went to my second wedding ever.
  • Posted fewer entries than I should.
  • Got an electric guitar, but never really put any effort into learning to play it.
  • Went to Hong Kong and China for the second time.
  • Realized that I had fallen in love with Gine. Excellent.
  • Removed another 5 entries from The List, but only wrote entries about 3 of them. Go figure.
  • Started writing reviews of books, music, movies, whatever. Again.
  • Finally got rid of the comment spammers after implementing a CHAPTA scheme. The world is now a better place.
  • Really didn’t have any vacation.
  • Redesigned the site.
  • Took some OK pictures of Seigmen in concert.
  • Added a comment feature to both the Moblog and the Gallery sections.
  • Finally managed to create a mix tap for Liv Marie that she liked. At the same time there were reports coming in about hell freezing over.
  • Went to Helsinki, Brighton, London, Stockholm, Moulsecoomb and probably some other places I can’t remember right now. It’s been less traveling this year, and that suits me well.
  • Sold the company for the second time. But got paid this time.
  • Got a Windows Media Center that I curse almost every day. I hope the Windows Vista edition works better than the XP edition.
  • Added tag support to the entries and converted the whole site and the database to UTF-8. Gotta keep those |337 skillz fresh.
  • Read a couple of really bad books (and a few good ones).
  • Had my annual posting hiatus in December.

Wrap-ups for 2004 and 2005 can be found in the archives.


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