It’s that time of the year again, here’s The Annual What-Happened-This-Year-Wrap-Up!

2006 was the year I…

  • Lived in a shared apartment that almost caught on fire twice.
  • Got my own apartment and moved out of said shared apartment.
  • Tried to start exercising regularly for the Nth time but failed miserably once again.
  • Bought an Apple MacBook Pro.
  • Hit both the 2.000.000 and 3.000.000 page views marks on the site.
  • Stopped eating anything with an excess amount of sugar, for instance candy.
  • Suddenly developed an unhealthy obsession with football and gambling during the World Cup. It’s probably because of the lack of sugar.
  • Rambled less than usual.
  • Spent a night (almost) in the woods in -12 degrees centigrade.
  • Bought the domain name www.waferbabes.com after a night out on town. Don’t drink and buy domain names.
  • Continued to expand my collection of The Simpsons and South Park seasons. Also started to collect Family Guy. I’m still a sucker for mature cartoons – and by that I don’t mean pr0n, you pervert.
  • Revealed the real name of The Girlfriend.
  • Went to my second wedding ever.
  • Posted fewer entries than I should.
  • Got an electric guitar, but never really put any effort into learning to play it.
  • Went to Hong Kong and China for the second time.
  • Realized that I had fallen in love with Gine. Excellent.
  • Removed another 5 entries from The List, but only wrote entries about 3 of them. Go figure.
  • Started writing reviews of books, music, movies, whatever. Again.
  • Finally got rid of the comment spammers after implementing a CHAPTA scheme. The world is now a better place.
  • Really didn’t have any vacation.
  • Redesigned the site.
  • Took some OK pictures of Seigmen in concert.
  • Added a comment feature to both the Moblog and the Gallery sections.
  • Finally managed to create a mix tap for Liv Marie that she liked. At the same time there were reports coming in about hell freezing over.
  • Went to Helsinki, Brighton, London, Stockholm, Moulsecoomb and probably some other places I can’t remember right now. It’s been less traveling this year, and that suits me well.
  • Sold the company for the second time. But got paid this time.
  • Got a Windows Media Center that I curse almost every day. I hope the Windows Vista edition works better than the XP edition.
  • Added tag support to the entries and converted the whole site and the database to UTF-8. Gotta keep those |337 skillz fresh.
  • Read a couple of really bad books (and a few good ones).
  • Had my annual posting hiatus in December.

Wrap-ups for 2004 and 2005 can be found in the archives.

Andy McKee

Just a quick break from work and the hiatus; you got to have a look at this one. Also celebrating my first link to YouTube. There’s a first time for everything.

Buy Andy McKee at CANdYRAT Records.


It feels like I’m about to have my annual break from the site at least the stuff that’s happening in the foreground, i.e. blog entries. I usually have this break once a year, but this year it’s surprisingly late – last year and the year before that I disappeared during March and April.

Anyway, you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for anything to happen here, but I’ll suddenly show up again soon. In a couple of weeks time or so, I guess.

Or later tonight, you ever know.

Situation Report

I (still) don’t have a life! I thought I had there for a while, but it was only the illusion of a life.

Twenty Eight

Saturday night a 28 year old man from my home town died in a car accident. When something like this happens to a guy my age from my home town of about twelve thousand people, there’s a fair chance I’ll know him.

And so I did.

We were class mates in primary school and middle school and spent quite a bit of time together outside of school, too – at least during the first few years of primary school. But, as it was with most of my friends from primary and middle school, we grew apart. Or something like that, at least we started to spend less time together, got new friends and different interests.

Because it’s been at least 10 years since I saw him I can’t say that his death affects me very much emotionally. Maybe I’m a cold bastard, I don’t know. Still, it’s a waste. A terrible waste.

I might show up at the funeral on Friday. If you do, too, see you there.