Sunday Evening

The weekend has been pleasantly quiet and since it’s only a few hours left of it, there is a fair chance that it will stay that way, too.

Knock, knock. I should enjoy it to the max, next week I’m back on support duty and I’ve got this bad feeling deep down in my stomach telling me it will be a very busy week.

Gine is at home visiting her mother for the last time before she leaves for Australia on the 12th of December. Even if Gine is not really living with me in the apartment, she is here pretty much all the time and not having her here for a weekend I sort of fell into limbo.

Thankfully, I’m still able to be entertained even when she’s not around. Or as Eric Cartman would have said it: “I can play with myself. I play with myself all the time.” Both Friday and Saturday evening were spent with a glass of Tia Maria (comes highly recommended) and SimCity 4. A city of about 200K citizens needs the constant attention of their mayor – even if he shows up drunk to do the job. While probably not the most social way to spend an evening, I have to point out that in my defense I have been trying to find someone to go to see the Borat movie with for the last two weekends now.

Unfortunately, all my “friends” have been “busy”.

Yesterday I met with Hans Olav who left for Tenerife today with Frida for a week of vacation. They are staying at a resort they realized was “perfect for large families” just after they booked the trip, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem. They know how to entertain themselves, too.

After seeing Hans Olav, I stepped by a DVD store to pick up Family Guy season five. They had two copies left, but unfortunately they were unable to find DVDs anywhere. Bummer.

“Naked Republicans” by Shelley Lewis

Naked Republicans by Shelley Lewis Author Shelley Lewis has written a book with a collection of short profiles of more that 50 of America’s right-wing politicians. As you probably figured out by the book’s cover1 and title, it’s not stories of grace and good deeds. Lewis drags every Republican she comes across through the dirt and no one is spared, even George W. has his own section – although he should probably have a whole book dedicated to him.

It’s a pity that “Naked Republicans” fails to entertain. Even if I do not know many of the politicians featured, the profiles should still be entertaining because most of them are completely off the scale. That these people are still allowed to roam free is a mystery. The profile about the politicians I know, like the Bush clan, is not very entertaining either. The problem might be that the profiles are so far off that you have to wonder if it’s really the real thing or an imaginary world created in the mind of a Democrat.

That the Democrats are now about to take control of America is probably a good idea, but I would be very surprised if it’s not possible for a Republican to write exactly the same kind of book about the Democrats in about a week. It’s not like all the Democrats are saints either – Bill Clinton comes to mind.

The most entertaining reading in this book is probably the opening quote by former President Theodore Roosevelt:

When they call the roll in the Senate, the senators do not know whether to answer “present” or “not guilty”.

I’m not sure if it was because of Shelley’s book and that she probably pissed of the majority of America’s Republicans, but on October 13 2006, Air America Radio filed for Chapter 11 Protection.

It’s a hard world.


All right. The last couple of weeks have been filled with flying, and this weekend I headed to Trondheim for Klas’ 28th birthday. It was only a short trip, I was away for about twenty four hours, but still I managed to get drunk and talk shit with Klas’, his brother Tomas and the other people who was there. They even had a free pool table! Beer, pool and good friends, can it possibly be any better?

I also got to meet Klas’ and Tomas’ new girlfriends. What can I say? Great girls for great guys.

Last week was hell at work, that’s the reason why you didn’t see any updates and that’s the main reason why this update is fairly short.

Off I Go Again v2.0

I’m on the move again, this time a day trip to Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a meeting that I’m pretty sure could have been held with a phone conference, but instead most of the day will now be used do traveling.

The trip through the security checkpoint gets more complicated every time. Now I have to take my laptop out of my bag, put everything liquid or remotely liquid in a tiny plastic bag, take off my jacket, belt and shoes. Do you see where this is heading? I predict that im about five years time we all have to strip naked and be prerented with The Glove.

Rising High

Working with my new Korean friend continued today. As the amount of work that had to be done went back and forth – he did his coding, I did my testing – I continued to play with my second SimCity 4 city – naturally named Second City – when I was waiting for him.

May I interest you in an apartment in one of these nice apartment buildings, perhaps? Special price for you, my friend.

apartment buildings in Second City.

Another thing I’ve done today is to have a mini-workout-session. It’s been a really long time since my last. I usually only have those evening sessions when I’m in-between-dates or girlfriends. Sounds cheesy, I know. It’s probably my subconscious saying “scored! No need to keep right fit now” and my crave for a good workout quickly disappears. Now my common sense is trying to convince my subconscious that working out is a good idea even if I do have a girlfriend. Good luck to my common sense on that.

I’ve also been working on a new addition to the site, but it’s still on the drawing board so it’s not much to tell yet.