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In Mother Russia, tripple parking pwns you. Seen in Tønsberg.

“Chasm City” by Alastair Reynolds

Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds“Chasm City” is the second book I’ve read written by Alastair Reynolds, the first one being “Revelation Space“. I had a bit of a hard time with Revelation Space as Reynolds totally lost it during the last one hundred pages and started rambling like a madman.

So naturally I was a bit skeptical when I picked up Chasm City. The reason why I bought the book in the first place was that it was not part of the same series as Revelation Space, but the events of Chasm City still takes place in the same fictional universe as Revelation Space – and if it’s something Alastair Reynolds is very good at it’s creating thrilling, fictional universes.

Chasm City starts out well and Reynolds is keeping a good pace through most of the book, he is only side stepping once into what might resemble the ramblings of Revelation Space and for only a few pages. Unlike Revelation Space, most of Chasm City is written in first person with the occasional jumps back in time with stories told by a third-person narrator.

There is no requirement that you have to be familiar with Reynolds’ first book to enjoy Chasm City, but it’s without doubt a plus if you do as it enables you to enjoy all the more or less intricate references to Revelation Space.

Jingle Bells

Yes, it’s Christmas Eve, people. If you haven’t bought your Christmas gifts yet, you’re seriously running out of time! Personally, I bought all of them in early December.

The last few days I’ve mainly been doing three things; sleeping, working and playing EVE Online. The game is challenging but without a too steep learning curve and it feels very rewarding every time you learn a new skill or when you finally get enough money for that Badger. The social aspect of EVE is also very appealing and most of the people playing it is behaving and helpful. Of course you find the occasional troll or encounter a rat who nicks the content of your jetcan while your mining.

When I eventually get a large enough ship and is capable of actually hitting stuff when firing, I’ll of course hunt them down and kill them all, so it’s all good.


The girlfriend and myself have a little project going on in the bedroom.

Yes, I guess that caught your attention, you perverts. But the project is not what you think it is. After she moved in, a lot of GIne’s stuff also magically appeared and to be honest there has not been enough shelve space for it. Now we’re in the process of hopefully solving the problem by placing three bookcases from IKEA in the bedroom.

You gotta love IKEA, cheap stuff that’ll last for as long as we live in the apartment, and – if we’re lucky – it’ll also survive the haul to a new apartment one day. To make the installation a bit more bedroom friendly, we added doors to the bookcases. We wanted frosted glass in the doors, but they were all out of that so we had to settle with normal glass. How hard can it be to do the frosting yourself anyway?