Water of Life

Yesterday night me and Gine went to Terje and Inger’s annual stick meat Christmas dinner. Good food, good company and good drinks. Akvavit is what Norwegians traditionally drink with their Christmas meals, it’s served at room temperature but it still burns in your throat. Neither does it take long before you realize you’ve had enough for the evening. I recommend drinking about twice the volume of water as Akvavit as it seems it prevents you from being sick the next day. At least it works very well for me.

We got back home at around two in the morning and I might accidently have stayed up playing EVE Online until half past six or so. I’m really not sure what time it was when I finally got to bed nor what kind of missions I completed, if any, but at least I have proven that it’s possible to fly a large space ship without smashing it into anything while drunk.


Yesterday I had my third treadmill run at the gym and with three runs in the first five days since I became a member, I think I’m getting a reasonable amount of value for the money. If you want to go to the gym but don’t want to go there when it’s crowded, it looks like Friday evening is a good time to do it. I only counted two other people in the same room as me, and it can take at least 30 people.

I’ve made a couple of interesting observations when comparing running outside to running on a treadmill. It’s much easier to control the speed and hence also the my heart rate because I can control the speed of the ground. This means that I run a bit slower, but for a much longer time. When running outside, I was sprinting around for about 12 minutes before I had to stop, now I’m pushing it towards 30 minutes and hope to manage an hour while still keeping my heart rate at an acceptable level before the end of February next year.

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

As I’m writing this I’ve been awake for 36 hours, minus the 20 minutes of sleep I managed at around 9 this morning. The reason for the lack of sleep is of course work; scheduled maintenance at the data center combined with a full work day before and after. Me and two colleagues had a very efficient night in the data center, moving massive amounts of hardware around.

What surprise me the most is how awake I am. At least I feel awake, but I noticed that I had a hard time focusing on work this afternoon. I don’t think not sleeping is recommended over a long period of time, so tonight I’m sleeping again.

As you’re probably aware, Christmas is coming up and for most of us that means Christmas presents. Personally, I don’t feel it’s important to get anything material for Christmas, a little peace of mind is more than enough. But of course, getting stuff doesn’t make me angry.

That gifts are not important to me (unfortunately) means that I don’t give away a lot of gifts either. A little something for Gine, a little something for her closest family and a little something for my closest family. The great thing about this is that getting the Christmas presents is done in half an afternoon. Still I’m all out of ideas. You got any?

Members Only

Yesterday I did something I really didn’t think I would ever do: I sold my soul to a fitness center. It’s getting colder outside, with patches of slippery ice everywhere. It makes running outside somewhat hazardous and to be on the semi-safe side one should run with a helmet. Not only will it look stupid, but it would probably be very unpleasant as well.

So, by getting a membership at a fitness center I get to run inside on a treadmill. It’s not cold, not slippery, but ridiculously expensive and I had to sign up on a twelve month plan. That can be a good thing since it means I have to use my membership for something even when it gets warmer again and I’m starting to run outside. In their defense, they did have a plan where you could pay for a single month at a time, but they had priced it so high it just didn’t make any sense.

Gold Member

Free exercise is a thing of the past.