Dead Space Los Angeles

Even though I’m now 30 years old and have left the happy twenties behind – and probably should focus on getting grown up hobbies like stamp collecting and gardening – I’m still a somewhat active gamer, either flying around in the EVE universe on my Mac or wrestling the PS3 controller.

On the console, I tend to play racing games and after I got the marvelous Logitech G25 racing wheel a while back, it has not turned out to be any less fun to put it that way. The only drawback with the three-pedal, stick shift G25 is that it takes about ten minutes to rig it, so it’s not very friendly to those 15-minute casual gaming sessions, it require a little planning.

The most recent racing game to catch my precious attention is Midnight Club: Los Angeles by Rockstar Games. I played through the demo of the previous Midnight Club game, DUB edition, but it was too arcadeish for my taste. Midnight Club: Los Angeles looks like it might be more of a simulator than an arcade game. It also has a couple of other things going for it.


I’ve now been going to the gym for almost a year. Ever since I started, my focus has been cycling and running, but now I’ve decided to walk down to the first floor of the building and work on my upper body muscles as well. Just writing that feels unnatural in a way. I’ve always been that skinny guy, my bones are unnaturally small for my age and when I registered to do my mandatory military service when I was 19, the guy handing out equipment told me I had the smallest head he’d ever seen. Way to go to boost a guy’s self esteem, dude!

Despite the size of my head, though, the army managed to teach me how to maim and kill.

At the gym it’s possible to get instructions from people who know how to work out correctly. When you feel you need it, simply book half an hour with one of them. And it’s all for free. Then again, with the monthly fee they are charging, I should be able to have someone do the actual workout for me as well. I’ve had a half an hour session with one of the guys and he showed me what kind of equipment to use and how to use it. For now I’m mostly trying to do things right and to get a good balance between the number of repetitions, sets and the weights used.

01 Delta 31

Every year, one of the larger Norwegian TV stations rallies the masses to give money to a good cause. Many people volunteer to knock on people’s doors and collect money in small, sealed buckets. I’m not sure what they are called in English, but if you’ve ever seen one, you know what I’m talking about.

Today was that day of the year, but it turned out to be a really shitty day for one of the volunteers, a woman in her forties, when she was mugged by two masked men who threatened her with a knife and ran off with her bucket. The police was quickly notified about this and started sent units to the closest subway stations to look for people matching the very vague description the woman gave, a K9 unit was called in to track down the two men down from the scene of the crime.

When the woman decided to change the description of the weapons used during the robbery to a gun and a saber, two units from the armed task force were called in to assist the unarmed units. After about an hour of dicking around, the police, surprisingly enough, were able to catch the two guys. How do I know all this? I’ve once again found a site that streams police scanners live on the interweb. And there’s a lot of surprising and interesting things to hear.


Once again it’s Saturday, another week of trying to manage in the rat race is over and I’m home alone relaxing like only a nerd can relax. I’ve made myself half a glass of virgin Tia Maria on the rocks, I’ve got Soma FM‘s Groove Salad on the radio and the Hulk parked in a belt, mining Kernite that I plan to sell in Amarr at a ridiculously high price.

I know I’m not much of a praying man, but if you can hear this, please let it stay like this for the rest of the night, Superman.

Glow Job

I’m still going to the gym at semi-regular intervals. Of course I’ve had no real progression in terms of getting in better shape, but at least I’m not in worse shape than when I started exercising there last year. I’m not sure if that spells “well-spent money”, though. Anyway. Since I stated going I’ve made a couple of more or less (probably mostly less) interesting observations:

I known that it’s important to breathe correctly when working out, in particular if you’re in the monkey room lifting scrap metal about. I can also understand that you are probably exhausted when you’re done working out since you were able to move a lot of heavy weights around in spite of gravity – and when you’re exhausted it feels really good to fill your lungs with air and then slowly let it all out again. But, please, for the love of all things holy, when you’ve been in the shower for ten minutes, it’s about time to stop. I’m in the shower booth next to you and it really sounds like you’re getting a blow job. I can only assume that you’re not, since we’re both in the men’s locker room and I didn’t see any women entering.