A while back I did something I haven’t done in over 10 years and back then I was wearing a uniform and someone ordered me to do it: I put on cross country skies. Me and Hans Olav went for an evening session in very icy conditions, which made it a bit of a challenge. It probably would have been a challenge no matter what, since I basically suck at moving around with anything except shoes attached to my feet.

Hallvard coined it quite well when he summarized what I’ve told him by calling it “Vegard does things he can’t handle”. But I only fell twice and manage to make it home without any noticeable injuries.

Time Machine

On Friday I met an old friend who I haven’t seen since my first high school year, when he dropped out and disappeared out of sight. The last rumor I heard about him was that he’d decided guys were more interesting than women, stepped out of the closet and was dating an author.

Now, 12-ish years later, it turns out everything was true. After dropping out of high school he got a job as a burger flipper at a gas station and discovered the internet and IRC. For a year his life consisted mainly of work, sleep and various IRC channels I would probably never join.


At the age of 19 he left Norway and moved to New York, where he stayed for half a year and then moved on to Amsterdam before eventually relocating to Norway once again. Now we’ve lived in the same city for about 5 years without bumping into each other. It goes to show how large Oslo is, even though it’s the size of a small suburb compared to other capitals.

Come to think of it, we didn’t really hang out with the same crowd or the same part of the city and that probably contributed to the not-bumping-into-each-other-situation.

While there are people you never bump into, there are, for some reason, people you meet by accident all the time. I once dated a girl that I’ve met on the street or on the bus at least five times after we stopped dating. Every time she desperately tried to avoid seeing me. It was a bit awkward, I must admit.

I am, in fact, still alive

Dear World,

there has been a while since we sat down and had a good chat. Quite a lot of things have happened since then. I’m not sure if you really want to hear about everything, but because you went ahead and opened this letter, even though you knew I was the one who sent it to you, I’m guessing you’re at least a little bit curious about what has been going on.

The most noticeable change in my life is probably that me and Gine is no longer together. I won’t ponder and analyze what went wrong and why it happened. So I’ll just leave it at that.

Another thing that has happened since we last spoke is that I’m now unemployed. But have no worries, there is no need to feel sorry for me. It was my own choice. The timing is horrible, with the global economic depression and all, but now was still the right time to do it. I’m browsing through the classifieds every day, but I think it will still take a little time before I’m ready to hit the rat race again. By then it might be even harder to get a job, but thankfully I have savings to stay afloat for a while.