Redesign: Colors continued

All right, first of all: Merry Christmas-slash-Whatever. Now for today’s business.

Two entries ago, I wrote a little about the challenge of finding a good color palette to use with the new design. With no knowledge of color theory, I turned to the interweb for the expert opinion and found six different palettes on COLOURlovers. After the first round of elimination, which had to end early because I went to Merete’s place for Christmas cookies and mulled wine, I still had these palettes to choose from:

Giant Goldfish from COLOURlovers I Demand a Pancake from COLOURloversMorning Serenity from COLOURlovers


Anniken has now been away for a little over three weeks. That means she’s soon been gone for one out of four months. And let me tell you, these three weeks have been slow! It seems like forever since she left and that “forever” is only those three weeks. I wonder how long four months will feel. Probably pretty damn long.

Thankfully, her cell phone works (ish) where she is now, and though South American mobile networks might not be the most reliable in the world, it seems most of the text messages gets through.

Since she left, I’ve had some serious trouble sleeping. I can’t really remember the last time I didn’t fall asleep almost instantly after going to bed. Well, I remember the last time, and it’s long ago. The last two mornings, I’ve been wide awake an hour before my alarm clock usually goes off as well. Don’t get me wrong, waking up and actually being awake is great, but can it wait another hour. Please?

Anyway. Roughly 100 days to go!

Redesign: Colors

The site has been running on vbox-host for a few days now and so far so good. I’ve configured backups and automatic updating of the Enom DNS server in case my IP changes. To get rid of the noise from the server, I disabled the enclosure fan. The temperature increased by around 15 degrees centigrade, but it’s still well below the maximum operating temperature of the CPU. The only noise I hear now is the occasional rattling from the hard drives. Right now there are only two things left to do. I don’t have any backup hardware, so if the CPU or the RAM chips suddenly fail, I’m looking at some serious downtime. Also, should my apartment burn to the ground, I’d loose all the data. So what I need to do is to buy some spare hardware and set up the backup to upload to an external site, like Amazon S3.

But with the bulk of the server related work out of the way, I can now use some of my spare time on my next endeavor: The site redesign. I’m going to take it step by step, but I’m not sure where to start. I know nothing at all about web site design, and although I was involved in the technical implementation of the new design, I never had the chance to take part in the visual design and interaction design processes. I could of course start by reading tons of articles about best practices in web design on the internet, and maybe even buy a book or two, but since I’d like to actually finish the design before 20121, that’s not an option.

The Nerd Awaketh

It’s been a while since the last post and you’re probably expecting an update on the redesign project I so vigorously announced in my previous post. But I never really got started on that because life has a peculiar way of screwing you over when you have other plans. It’s not as dramatic as it might sound, of course – I’ve been labeled a drama queen more than once, but that’s mostly by Hallvard – there was simply something else more important, though related to this site, that surfaced.

There is a lengthy technical, nerdy rambling ahead, by the way. If you don’t enjoy servers, RAID controllers, Postfix and similar intriguing subjects, you might as well move along.

A few weeks ago I changed web hosts and moved to GreenGeeks. I choose GreenGeeks because of their environmentally friendly image and because they convinced me, with the information provided on their website, that they knew how to host a simple web site like mine.

Now, three weeks on, I’m not so sure if the latter is the case.

Half-Assed Efforts

If there was a kingdom for the half-assed1 I would be the king. Ever since I moved to Oslo, oh, many a year ago, I’ve started many ambitious projects, although never really properly finished but a few.

My “I want to make music”-project is a very good example. I bought an electric guitar, a MIDI keyboard and even Logic Express. That’s a lot of money I could’ve found better use for elsewhere, because learning to play the instruments and use Logic just turned out to be, you guess it, a half-assed effort. I know a few chords on the guitar now, but I’m not impressing anyone. The keyboard sits virtually untouched on my desk and I uninstalled Logic long ago.

The way I see it, I have to three problems. The first is that I’m trying to bite off a lot more than I can chew, being too ambitious and having a way to wide scope in what I’m doing. The second is that I expect results too quickly. And the third is that I just don’t have the time to do everything.