It’s the last day of the year - again - and I’m getting ready to sum up another 365 days - again. To be honest, I don’t remember too much of the year that is about to end, but then again I don’t remember much of yesterday either. Thankfully I have the archives.

2010 was the year that…

  • the site you’re looking at was redesigned. I actually spent quite a lot of time on that, too bad the end result was just fairly adequate.
  • the same site was down quite a few times until I decided to build myself a new server. I managed to burn through way too much money in the process, but it was a lot of fun.
  • Anniken was out traveling all winter and didn’t come home until April second. She was away for a full four months, and even though we managed to keep our relationship on track during those four months, I really, really hope that none of us will be away for that long ever again.
  • I discovered how to cure a hangover. I’ve not taken any steps to try it in real life, but I’m guessing the annual smalahove feast in February will be a great opportunity.
  • my work out frequency in the monkey room was quite well until June-ish when it totally collapsed. The main reason was that I felt I’d reached a peak of sorts - without taking a serious look at what I was eating, I wouldn’t see any real increase in the number of little weights I would be able to get off the floor, and I was not prepared for a change of life style. I’m still gaining weight though. Funny, that1.
  • Steam manager to trick me out of quite a lot of money. Just like last year. Also, just like last year, I didn’t have time to play most of the games.
  • I resubscribed to EVE Online and for some reason paid up front for an entire year. Boy, was that a waste of hard earned money.
  • I fell more and more in love with my fantastic and unbelievably hot girlfriend.
  • I had some serious problems with the battery for my MacBook Pro. I’m sorry, Steve, but it’s not very likely that I’ll buy an Apple product again. Not that you’ll notice, though.
  • I tried to start a few personal projects, but none of them really took off. The Global Happiness project is a good example.
  • I set myself a writing goal: To publish at least 100 entries before the year’s end. As we’re about to enter 2011, it looks like I managed just that - even with a little entry surplus.
  • HDR photography got quite popular on the interwebs. I even took a shot at it myself.
  • an apartment in the neighborhood caught fire. Firetrucks! Wheee! (Everyone’s OK, by the way.)
  • I wrote quite a few Formula 1 entries. The main reason was that the 2010 was very entertaining. Here’s to the 2011 season being even better! The first race is in March.
  • only two items were removed from The List.
  • I added quite a few one-liners.
  • I bought myself a brand new sports watch, the Garmin Forerunner 305. Works both for running and bicycling and comes highly recommended.
  • Anniken and I spent a few days at a cabin in Grimstad with two of her old class mates and their boyfriends. Good times.
  • Hans Olav and I made a drink, the Summer Surprise.
  • I read a few books. It feels good to use the good old imagination a little.
  • the apartment gradually filled with cushions, table cloths, candles and other things as Anniken moved into the apartment.
  • I quit my job at public broadcaster NRK and started working for BEKK, a medium sized business and technology consulting firm. I can honestly say that I never looked back.
  • Anniken and I babysat a dog (not a fox).
  • I went to an art exhibition with Hans Olav. There I shot and posted a 30 second video of an installation, something that brought the wrath of the author down on me.
  • I had a mole (or something) removed.
  • the planning for the US of A 2011 tour started.
  • we went to London.
  • I tried playing Curling for the first time.

Here are the wrap-ups from previous years: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

2010 - all in all a good year. With that I think it’s about time to say good bye to 2010 and welcome 2011 - a year I predict we’ll see a lot of big things happening.

  1. Fatty can use the garden hose! ↩︎


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