Yes, there are only hours left of 2012. We somehow managed to survive the infamous December 21. Nothing happened. Looking back at 2012 as a whole, though, quite a lot happened. 2012 was the year that…

  • I collected positioning and various other data about myself all year. I haven’t looked at all the data yet, but it’s over 250 megabytes of data in close to 51 000 rows, so it’s probably something interesting in there.
  • Quite a few one-liners were added to the collection.
  • I went to WordCamp Norway and did a bit of live blogging. I’m not sure if I’m going next year, the tickets are a tad more expensive and there are no detailed information about the speakers or what they will be talking about yet. Just a basic schedule.
  • I planned to attend a competition launched by my employer to write a mobile application and get the chance to win a trip to a conference of my choice. Unfortunately, I never really managed to get started. My notes and sketches are still laying on the desk in front of me.
  • I used a Windows Phone 7.5 phone for three weeks to give the mobile OS a test drive. In the end I couldn’t really find a single reason to replace my Android phone in favour of a Windows Phone handset. Read more about the three weeks: Part I, Part II, Part III.
  • We witnessed one of the most exciting Formula 1 seasons ever. I watched most of the races and as the final checkered flag, it was Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel who was the 2012 world champion, only three points ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.
  • I contributed to a Jenkins plugin, Wall Display.
  • One of my new year’s resolutions was to run more, and that I managed to do. Not a hell of a lot more, but I ran further than I did in 2011. What I didn’t manage, however, was to run a kilometre in less than 5 minutes. Maybe in 2013.
  • Another new year’s resolution was to smile more. Not sure how well I did, actually, so I will probably have to work harder on that one next year.
  • I bet on a single number on the roulette and won. Unfortunately it was only play money.
  • Tons of campaigns were launched on Kickstarterand I pledged money to 5 of them, all of which made they funding goal: Project GodusPredestination - A turn-based space 4X strategy gameLimit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space GamePlanetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTSMake Leisure Suit Larry come again!
  • Steam tricked my into buying another 12 discounted titles. More games I will not have the time to play.
  • I converted the site to a responsive the design, the one you are looking at now - if you’re reading this before I change the design again. Response is great because it will dynamically change based on the size of the screen you’re looking at.
  • Apache was configured to use mod_spdy, which will eventually speed up the internet for everyone.
  • I created Parfait Amour for Pernille and Jocksan’s bachelorette/bachelor party. I also took a few pictures at their wedding.
  • I had been blogging for 10 years.
  • With the help of Anniken and her trip to New York, I finally bought that GoPro camera I’d been eyeing for a long time.
  • I finally got around to attach and secure the hammock I bought 10 years ago.
  • I read some great books, “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card probably being the highlight of the year.
  • I didn’t go to the movies as much as I’d like, but that’s what happens when it’s so much more convenient not to go.
  • I started to bet a little on Formula 1 races, the Euro 2012 and - for some reason - horse races. In the end I got cold feet and chickened out, though. But I’ve still got $200 saved on the betting site. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  • I wrote a few reviews.
  • Anniken and I went on a wonderful cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. I wrote four long entries about it, which you can read here: Civitavecchia to MessinaMessina to AthensAthens to KusadasiKusadasi to Civitaecchia.
  • I managed to cross 6 items of The List: Go on a cruise, visit an active volcano, go on a helicopter ride, fire a gun at a gun range, go on an American road trip, make a road movie.
  • I took a whole month of from work during summer and loved every single minute of it.
  • I bought myself a Galaxy Tab 7.7 to replace my old Galaxy Tab.
  • Hallvard, Klas, Hans Olav and myself finally managed to go on the US road trip that has been planned since 2009. I was the only one left of the original team, but it turned out to be a great trip. We took a lot of pictures and even made a road movie.
  • I became Lord of Lochaber. Haven’t had a single freebie yet.
  • The wp-days-ago plugin was updated to support AJAX.
  • I participated in Movember, raising over 1200 NOK (~USD 215). The Movember campaign as a whole raised over USD 128 million in total.

All in all, 2012 was a good year. Here’s to 2013!

Here are the wrap-ups from previous years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.


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