With only a few hours left in the year, it’s about time to do the annual summary. 2016 was the year that…

  • I wrote 90 posts, 12 more than the year before. Many of the them are cheap video entries, but they still count, damn it!
  • As part of the A Book A Month project, I read 13 books, and wrote reviews of some of them. The plan is to continue the effort in 2017.
  • I got my first proper virtual reality experience. At first it was exciting, then not so much.
  • The A Picture A Day project continued rolling smoothly. Est. 2013, ends when I’m six feet under.
  • The one-liners collection got quite a few new additions.
  • I started following the 2016 F1 season, but abandoned it after a few races because, well, it wasn’t any more exciting than the 2015 season.
  • Donald Trump surfaced, and American politics suddenly started to matter a hell of a lot more. I wrote a few pieces about that. That he was actually elected amazes me on so many levels. And I’m going to call this one right now: If Donald Trump survives his first term, he will get re-elected for a second term. The main reason will be that he is master at taking the credit for positive things that he had absolutely nothing to do with. The average American will be told that’s the case, and every fact that proves it will be made available. But for some reason they just don’t care. The truth is no longer important.
  • The situation in Syria turned from bad to worse, and into one of the worst clusterfucks of the 21st century.
  • All in all, I got a bit more engaged in what’s going on around the globe. I’m not sure exactly why that happened.
  • Vilde spent the year learning to talk, and develop her social skills. Being able to take part in her transformation from being a baby to a tiny person with a very interesting personality is amazing.
  • (That might be the reason why I’m starting to care more about what’s going on in the world.)
  • I quit my job, and started to blog professionally. Or not.
  • My crusade to make a internet a bit more secure and private continued.
  • Anniken and I got a treadmill. I ran 490 km (~304 miles) n it this year, and had a good streak up until November, when I came down with a lousy cold. It took a month to get rid of it, and in December I just turned lazy. Like the rest of you, I’m coming back strong on January 1, 2017!
  • Once again I tried my luck at sports betting, this time during the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. When the tournament was over, I had doubled my money. That was not due to great success with the betting, but thanks to Anniken saying “red” instead of “black”.
  • I managed to annoy a commercial airline pilot by arguing that making an autonomous airplane is simpler than making an autonomous car.
  • The site got yet another new design. This time, it’s an open source theme, Independent Publisher.
  • People still don’t care when they hear a smoke detector go off, and that annoys me.
  • I got the opportunity to try a Jolla phone for a couple of days. Not enough of the good stuff, I’m afraid.
  • Vilde watched a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on weekend mornings. I took a dive down the rabbit hole to expose the gangs questionable ethics.
  • Facebook managed to suck me back in. I returned to the social network after a 5 year hiatus.
  • Anniken and I got married. an event that was covered in the previous entry.
  • We also decided to try start expanding the family with another member. Great success! Anniken is pregnant with a girl who has already decided that she wants to become a gymnast when she grows up.

All in all, 2016 wasn’t too bad. But it lays the groundwork for a rather unpredictable 2017. Happy new new!

Here are summaries from previous years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

The Wedding

Let’s rewind to November 2008. I’ve only got two months left in my all-consuming IT job at the firm I helped co-found almost 5 years earlier. My boss decides he needs an assistant for the office, and hires a girl, Anniken, straight out of college. Social, out-going, and good looking, she instantly makes a lot of friends in the 30+ people strong company. Not a huge surprise, perhaps, considering 98% of the employees are guys. It’s an 8 hours a day, 5 days a week sausage fest.

In the beginning of 2009, I take a well-deserved three months break from the rat race. During those three months, I keep myself busy with a bit of traveling, and lots of doing absolutely nothing, which is a welcome change from my regular schedule during the 5 previous years. But the office hottie and I keep in touch. In the spring, I return to the company to do consultancy work part-time. Anniken and I get to know each other even better, and for reasons that I still can’t quite grasp, she makes a move on me, the giant nerd. She’s not entirely successful at first, mostly because I’m absolutely terrible at noticing when a female of the opposite sex shows genuine, non-friend-zone, interest in me.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

I started 2016 with writing a couple of posts about virtual reality (VR), and the Oculus Rift. It’s only apt, then, that I leave the year with a piece about another VR headset, the Samsung Gear VR.

My romance with the Oculus Rift DK1 back in January was short. It turned out that the headset wasn’t compatible with my 6 year old gaming rig, and my life-long dream of flying through space looking like a complete idiot had a near-terminal blow. The dream was completely shattered when Oculus announced the retail price of their first consumer version of their Rift headset. The device was made available for pre-order at $599, which was quite a lot more than the company had previously hinted at. There was no way I could muster the money for both a new gaming PC and a VR headset.

Now, that an advanced VR headset is ridiculously expensive shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. After all, they are packed with quite a lot of science fiction-esque technology. It is possible, though, to get a VR experience of sorts on a very low budget. Google’s Cardboard is a $15 cardboard box you put your cell phone in. I haven’t tried the box myself, but I’ve got a hunch it’s not exactly spectacular.


You can say a lot of bad things about the internet. It’s used for bullying, and criminal activities ranging from extortion to trafficking. It’s a series of tubes that are depressingly efficient for spreading lies and hate. It also most likely got the man who will be the end of the world as we know it elected.

But a few good things have also come out of the internet. Crowdfunding, humanitarian campaigns, funny cat videos, and the possibility to report uncensored stories straight out of war zones. It has also created millions of jobs (including mine). And thanks to the internet, I recently discovered the amazing movie gem that is Korkusuz.

A Picture A Day 2016

In late 2012, I decided to start posting at least one picture every day to the A Picture A Day section. As of right now, I’ve posted one thousand, four hundred, and fifty two pictures. None are extraordinary, but they are snapshots of my life. It’s a slow motion movie in which I’m slowly growing older (and probably grumpier).

The 2016 photos are just as “exciting” as the photos from previous years. I commute, work, spend time with my family, go to the grocery store, and spice everything up with the odd alcoholic beverage. This year, as every year, I look at the pictures and regret that I didn’t start doing this years ago. I should have started taking a picture every day the moment I got my first digital camera. That was back in 1999, when I purchased a Konica Q-M100V. 16 years worth of A Picture A Day would have been incredibly sweet. 2004 to 2009 would have been particularly interesting since I was spending a lot of time traveling.

As I also do every year, I urge you too to pick up the habit of taking at least one picture every day of what’s happening in your life. It’s an amazing memory booster.