In December last year, I posted my usual torrent of entries summarizing the year. A Book A Month 2019, A Picture A Day 2019, and of course the year in bullet points, 2019, are all posts that have become December traditions on this site. But one familiar face was missing from the crowd: The 2019 music recap!

Have no fear, though. My 2019 in music has not been forgotten. The reason for the delay is that I’ve been waiting for to crunch their 2019 numbers. This year, it took a bit longer than usual, but now my annual listening report is complete, and it’s time to bother you with the results.

First off, let’s see what the general listening summary says about 2019.

It’s a new record, everybody! Or is it? The annul report from says it is, but that’s a blatant lie. It’s a new record only if you compare it to the annual report from 2018. But it’s not the most music I’ve listened to in a year since I registered my account all the way back in 2004. Far from it, actually. My peak year was 2013, when I listened to a whopping 22,433 tracks.

In 2019, however, I listened to 13,555 tracks, which is 17% more tracks than in 2018. The reason why it’s so much more is that I usually listen to music at work, and in 2018 I was away from the office for three months in parental leave.

Artists, Albums, and Tracks

As usual, I listened to a wide range of artists. albums, and tracks. I’ve got Spotify to thank for that. The service makes it incredibly easy to discover new artists, and to make varied playlists.

Despite all the new artists, however, my most played band in 2019 was The Midnight, which I first heard back in 2015.

The new artists I discovered in 2019 didn’t make it to the top in the album category either. My most played album last year was Lonely The Brave‘s The Day’s War (Victory Edition), which was also my most played album in 2018. The Day’s War is an absolutely brilliant album from and ingenious band, and I suspect it will stay high on my listening chart for years. It’s a bloody shame that vocalist David Jakes left Lonely The Brave in 2018, but it was for good reasons.

The award for most played track in 2019 goes to Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves, a band that appeared on my radar in 2015. Amsterdam is a superb track by a great band that I hope I get to see live on stage one day. The closest I’ve been so far is the video of their live performance of Amsterdam at Dingwalls.

Oh, my.

Everything Stays (Mostly) the Same

One of the most interesting things to do with the reports is to compare numbers with previous years. Studying the 2019 and 2018 numbers reveal that my music taste listening habits change little over the years.

As already discussed, I’m listening to most of my music at work. This is a direct effect of the moronic open office plan where every software developer buys expensive noise cancelling headphones and create their own, virtual office. The main change in the listening time is that I listened to more music after lunch in 2019 than in 2018 when my peak hour was before lunch. I have no idea why this changed.