The Case Against Nuclear

Many people are touting nuclear as the ultimate solution to the world’s energy problems. But why do they always seem to conveniently forget the technology’s flaws?

First of all, let me get one important thing clear: I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on this fairly complicated subject. But it really doesn’t feel like you need to be one to see some of the issues with nuclear being portrayed as a massive silver bullet.

We have a problem that needs to be solved: The world’s energy usage is ridiculously high – and increasing. As poor countries climb out of property, their energy usage goes up. For many of these countries, the main source of energy is coal. In fact, many countries built coal plants like mad in the beginning of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, coal is bad for everyone, and so we need to find less lethal alternatives to stay alive.

Android Phones Can Be Hacked – By displaying An Image

It should be no surprise by now that your phone can be hacked. But did you know it can be done just by you looking at an image on your phone?

Yes, I know this particular vulnerability doesn’t really pass as “news” anymore. It was patched on February 4, and The Inquirer reported about it over two weeks ago. But I drafted this post the day Google released the February Android security bulletin, and there’s no way in hell that effort will go down the drain. So this post gets published, news-worthy or not!

So what’s the issue? Let’s see what Google writes in their February security bulletin:

The most severe of these issues is a critical security vulnerability in Framework that could allow a remote attacker using a specially crafted PNG file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process.

Android Security Bulletin β€” February 2019

Allrighty then…

The Midnight Live in Oslo

Exactly 6 years after the missus and I last set foot together in a music venue, we found ourselves watching The Midnight live last night.

I discovered The Midnight in 2014, not long after the release of their first album, Days of Thunder. The synthwave duo consists of New York based singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, and LA based Danish-born producer, songwriter and singer Tim McEwan. Now the band has set out on a their first European tour, and the very first stop was Oslo.

Unfortunately, The Midnight’s gig in Oslo had sold out long before I even realized they were coming. But Anniken managed to pull some of her few magical strings in Oslo’s music scene, and got us both on the guest list for yesterday night’s performance.

What a great Christmas present that was!

Mars One and The Dream of the Red Planet

Mars One wanted to go to Mars, and they wanted to get there in a hurry. Now it looks like the dream is all but dead.

We’re doing such an awesome job ravishing Earth, and it’s high time we find a new planet to destroy. Mars is next on the list, and perhaps one of the most interesting targets for space exploration in general. NASA plans to have people on the ground on Mars within 2037. Well-known pot smoker Elon Musk is a bit more aggressive with his goals, and he wants to send people to Mars as early as 2024. Another ambitious company with the Red Planet in its sight was Mars One.

In 2012 the Dutch company surfaced with a grand plan. By 2018, they would send a probe to Mars, followed by an unmanned surface vehicle in 2020. Only three years later, 24 brave colonists would leave Earth with a one-way ticket to Mars.

Spotify Acquires Gimlet Media

Nice podcasts, I’ll take them! Why Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet Media might be a bad thing for consumers.

I love Spotify. Whenever I write about music, I often mention Spotify. I’ve been a premium subscriber since 2010-and-something, and it’s some of my most well-spent money. If I had bought all the music I’ve listened to and discovered on Spotify, I would have been broke years ago.

One of the nicest things about Spotify is that they are still a dime a dozen in many ways. There is a myriad of similar music streaming services available. They all offer similar features and comparable back catalogues at pretty much the same price. This means that it’s not a huge undertaking to jump ship to another music streaming service if I wanted to do that.

Lately, however, Spotify has begun looking at ways to differentiate themselves from all those other services. This is a natural effect of the current music streaming service homogeneity. Also, in 2018, Spotify became a publicly traded company, and now it’s all about the Benjamins, baby! To attract more paying customers, Spotify somehow has to stand out from the rest of the streaming service crowd.