25 Down, 75 to go

Ah, the last month or so has been quiet. We’ve been terribly busy with moving homes, but now we’re beginning to settle in at last. The new apartment doesn’t feel quite like home yet, but that’ll change soon. The old apartment doesn’t feel like home anymore either, probably because it’s empty, alone and longing for a new tenant to take care of it. Maybe that tenant is you? More information is available in this entry and on Finn.no.

We painted most of the new apartment, removed the carpet in the master bedroom and put down flooring instead, and painted most of the old apartment as well. This qualifies for checking off another item on The List.

#56. Renovate an apartment or a house.

It’s not like we demolished and re-built a bathroom or anything complicated like that, but we painted every evening and weekend for three weeks and putting down the flooring was no walk in the park1. Without the help of Anniken’s dad and his power tools I probably would have been laying in a corner of the bedroom in fetal position by now.

Or, alternatively, been the owner of a lot of power tools.

  1. There’s a first time for everything. ↩︎


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