Disturbed - The Sickness
As the second album in my 52 Albums or Burn!-project I went with Disturbed’s (the site is useless without Flash) 2000 release The Sickness. After a while I realized that I’d heard a couple of the songs before, mainly on the fabulous Internet radio station radio.wazee.

Disturbed plays monotonous, dark and boring rock. Most of the songs sound the same, a little bit of vocal, a little bit of primal screams. They are currently looking for a new bass player, so I guess Fuzz (bass player on The Sickness) was thrown out of the band/quit/died/got bored and left.

As you might understand by now, I don’t like this album. Could be a nice one if this is your style of music, but I guess it’s not for me, although I might copy one or two of the songs to my MP3-player just to have something different on it in case I need some songs to scream to.

Oh-wa-a-a-a! Oh-wa-a-a-a! Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh!

Disturbed - The Sickness gets 1 out of 6.