2/52: Disturbed: The Sickness (1/6)

Disturbed - The SicknessAs the second album in my 52 Albums or Burn!-project I went with Disturbed‘s (the site is useless without Flash) 2000 release The Sickness. After a while I realized that I’d heard a couple of the songs before, mainly on the fabulous Internet radio station radio.wazee.

Disturbed plays monotonous, dark and boring rock. Most of the songs sound the same, a little bit of vocal, a little bit of primal screams. They are currently looking for a new bass player, so I guess Fuzz (bass player on The Sickness) was thrown out of the band/quit/died/got bored and left.

As you might understand by now, I don’t like this album. Could be a nice one if this is your style of music, but I guess it’s not for me, although I might copy one or two of the songs to my MP3-player just to have something different on it in case I need some songs to scream to.

Oh-wa-a-a-a! Oh-wa-a-a-a! Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh!

Disturbed – The Sickness gets 1 out of 6.

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  1. i feel a little guilty, considering that i suggested this group to you. at least i can say, though, that unlike my “sean paul” joke, this was unintentional. i’ve still not heard them, you see, but rest assured that i’ll get onto my friend’s back in regard to this! :P

    by the way, i was just wondering why you’re rating them out of 6, as opposed to the usual 5 or 10?

  2. listening to a new album every friday is a great idea. keep it up!
    I have started a new and better life. from now on I will get out of bed early and study hard. I know I can do it. :-)

  3. Klas: Good luck with that! Does your project cover Fridays only, too, or to you plan to extend it to the entire week? I recommend a slow start.

    Ian: The rating is kind of like the score on a dice, a scoring scheme very popular in the tabloids and pretty much everywhere in Norway, I dunno how it’s like in other countries. And it suits a set of pictures I’m about to rip of some online newspaper and use instead of number 1 to 6.

  4. wow. i didn’t know that about the norwegian tabloids. interesting.

    klas, man, why would you do such a thing? it’s just so much fun, sleeping in and slacking off! :P

    more seriously, good luck with that, and good luck as well to you, vegard, with the rest of this project. :)

  5. Howdy all!! .. :)
    I’ve got a question (mostly for V. since he probably got some hands on experience, but don’t let that stop anybody else from answering.. ) ..

    I’m thinking about buying a new mobile phone, since my old one is old (it’s a 6210 .. say no more, eh?) and lacks Bluetooth (I want to get online with my Tungsten|T3) .. What should I buy? I don’t want to use to much money.. So far I’ve thought about the Siemens S55 (which will cost me about 280nok) and the SE T610 (going for around 1000nok).. Is the camera and better screen worth the money?? Or is there som other alternative I haven’t thought of??

  6. ive got the s55, the screen is not all that compared to say the e700 or even the 610(but it works in daylight unlike the 610). I got the cameraaddonthingy as part of the deal, took like 4 pictures the first weekend, then i lost it. Found it during christmas but havent taken any pictures since. Images on a mobile phone(atlest the two you are considering) is really not worth it. The bluetooth on the s55 works, and it has all the other pro-features you want in a phone, and its dirt cheap…

  7. Yeah.. just about what I’m thinking too.. besides if I’m going to buy an 802.11b SDIO card for my T|T3 (whenever Sandisk og SocketCom manages to get some drivers that works) I can’t run around spending loads of money on (other) shit I don’t need.. :P

  8. Ian: there are several reasons. here’s a few:
    – in order to finish my bachelor degree this spring I need to enroll in a shitload of classes.
    – I managed to get a parttime job helping new students here at the dorm
    – My scuba diving activity is likely to increase

    To sum it all up I have lots of things to do and rather limited time in doing them. I therefore need to be much more structured than I have been earlier.

  9. .beldin: It depends a lot on where you want to go when it comes to price. Since you want Bluetooth, I guess you’ll have to step into the middle to top range of phones, but I guess you’d bought one of those anyway. The SE T610’s screen sucks big time, as Hallvard points out, it’s not very good in direct sunlight. And the camera is not the best, either, at least in my humble experience. Ola has used the phone for about half a year, so you could drop him an e-mail. SonyEricsson also has a enhanced version of the T610 in the works, the T630, it supposed to have a better camera and screen and a faster CPU. The Nokia 6600 is also an alternative, but it’s rather slow and almost as big as the SE P900 and just half as much fun (but then again almost half the price, too). I’m not too familiar with Siemens phones, except for the new SX1, which has all the features you need and then some (including a so-so radio). What sucks about this phone is the position of the keypad, which is located at both sides of the screen. The idea is as bad as the Nokia 3650’s round keypad. The S55 is just right when it comes to size, it’s small, but I can’t seem to get used to the menu layout. Samsung also has a few nice ones, like the SGH-E700 mentioned before. I’ve not played with it that much, but the design is good enough to eat. But it doesn’t come with Bluetooth.

    To sum it up: I’ve got no real recommendations for you. It’s a jungle out there, man!

    Ian: Thanks, buying a new CD today. Or most likely tomorrow.

  10. Mmmmm, okay, we – and by “we” I of course mean heterosexual males – all love girls in short skirts, so I’ll let this comment SPAM pass through.