7 Down, 93 To Go

It’s about time to remove a couple of items from the list of 100 things to do before I die. Since the last update, I’ve actually completed two:

#35. Ask for a raise.

As you probably know by now, I work my ass off. Actually, all the three of us work our asses off, and for that we decided we probably earned a little money. A while back we asked for a considerable raise - and got it. I’ve now got a yearly salary I’m very pleased with, considering my age and work experience, but if you look at the total number of hours I’ve worked over the last one and a half year, I’m not sure if the salary is that good, really. Anyway, I asked for a raise, and got it and completed another item. Even if actually getting the raise was not on the list. I’ve also completed this item:

#27. Brew my own beer.

Technically, it’s not my own beer, I brewed it with Ola and Espen, but still. Yesterday it had been brewing for about three weeks, so we held had a small get-together with Bjarne and Hallvard - who is now holding my old position at the NRK - Katrine, and the new guy, Kenneth, where we tried our beer. I think I was the one who liked it the most, I actually drank quite a bit. We’re not sure if it contained any alcohol, but it tasted all right, not too bad for the first time.

You’ve probably read my ramblings about Addict before, a British band that released only one album before they split up. That album, “Stones”, is one of my all time favourites. It’s not that easy to find, but if you get your hands on it, don’t let go of it. Addict also recorded a second album that was never released. Or so I though. The Girl was able to find it on some online music store where you can buy and download albums. “Come on Sun” is another excellent album, at least so far. I’ve only listened to it a couple of times tonight while working, but I’ve already found three tracks that are absolutely amazing; “Until I Die” (which is nothing like any of the tracks on Stones), “Grace” and “K”.

Lots of kudos to The Girl for finding the album for me.


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