9 Down, 91 To Go.

It’s about time to remove yet another time from The ListTM:

#89. Own an apartment or a house.

I’ve now got the keys to the apartment. Quite the anti-climax, to be honest. You can see how well I’m doing with the moving in thing right here:

Show’s over! The cam is offline.

Don’t expect too much action until tomorrow evening, though. If you see the place catch on fire, please call the fire department.

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  1. Congratulations, Vegard! Nice looking place :) The little I can see of it, anyway..
    Hey, is that bearded man with the crowbar a friend of yours? He looks kinda familiar..

  2. Btw.. why is the classic ‘submit’-button named ‘humor me!’? I suggest ‘Read My Worthless Comment’, ‘Click Here To Get Free Offers’ and ‘Click Here And A Fairie Will Die’ or something in that order :)

  3. Do you really think it’s wise to put a brand new creamy white sofa in the same room as a group of inebriated friends of low moral fiber? I would just use orange crates for furniture and rockwool as carpeting, untill the danger is over :)