99 bottles of beer.

For various reasons I’ve not turned on my computer since Thursday afternoon last week, that’s why it’s been a little quiet lately. For the same reasons, I also took Friday off, which is the reason I’ve worked twelve hours today. That was a lot of reasons – there is a reason for everything it seems.

After my little outrage against the W32/Sobig.F@mm worm in my last entry I’ve received 100+ e-mails with the little bastard. None of them from people I know, so I’m wondering how the hell they got my e-mail address. I really don’t care, since I’m deleting all the e-mail. Once again: Could the stupid people please stop talking, it’s damn annoying for those of us who are not stupid.

In a few minutes I’m leaving the office to go home to the apartment and make an enemy. Yesterday afternoon I caught the twelve year old who’s living in the same apartment drinking whiskey from her mother’s liquor cabinet. Great, eh? She’s done it before, too, I’ve heard them discuss it, and it’s pretty damn naive of the mother to have the bottles still standing there, easily accessible. But I’m not going to meddle in her child education, I’m simply going to ask the daughter to tell her mother what happened, or I’ll tell her myself. The problem with this is that I’ll be the ultimate bad guy, and the daughter will probably hate my guts. And I’ve got no lock on the door to my room, which is bad. Maybe it’s a good idea to hide all the knifes, at least the really big ones.

“Hi. Your twelve year old is drinking like an old sailor.”

Whish me luck.

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  1. That sucks.. but on the good side you can point laugh and say “Told you so!” when you meet her again outside of Oslo S and she asks if you’ve got any spare change in a few years..

    And while we’re on the subject; fuck the ozon layer and all that stuff.. kids today don’t deserve to inherit the planet anyway..

  2. you’re doing the right thing, Vegard! you da man! if your lucky the mother will be really thankful…. ;-)
    and the daughter will probably that, too. in a couple of years anyway. but I would definitly hide some knives and lock my door. :-)

  3. yeah.. forgot to say.. V. you’re definetly doing the right thing.. and if you can’t lock your door.. use the old pile something up against the door trick!!