Following up on yesterday’s post, the A Book A Month project is now a thing with its very own section. A couple of hours of PHP tinkering and I’ve now got the first few months worth of planned reading safely stored in a database. You can see my planned reading list, if I make any real progress through the list, and details about each book.

Like most all of my personal coding projects, I’ve taken every single shortcut I can towards getting the thing up and running. There is, for instance, no dedicated CRUD interface to edit data about the books, I’m simply using phpMyAdmin for that, why reinvent the wheel when it’s got most of the features I need? The only custom user interface I’ve slapped together is for updating reading progress, which is something that would be a bit cumbersome with phpMyAdmin since I’ll probably be doing that from my mobile phone - and phpMyAdmin is not mobile phone friendly.

So please have a look at A Book A Month, and if you have any constructive feedback, fire away. That’s also the case if you have any reading suggestions. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to read a book.