Book cover, Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson.Author: Daniel H. Wilson
Genre: Science fiction
Published: 2011
Pages: 352
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Wikipedia: A computer scientist accidentally unleashes a supremely intelligent sentient A.I. named Archos R-14. It becomes self-aware and immediately starts planning the elimination of human civilization and build a new cryptic ecology where organic being merged with robot technology. Over a gradual period of time, Archos R-14 infects all penetrable networked electronic devices, such as cars, airplanes, smart homes, elevators, and other robots, with a "precursor virus". Before it launches a full-blown attack on humanity, it sends out probing attacks to analyze the technical feasibility of its strategies and to assess human response. In one such instance, it infects Mikiko, a robot that is "in a relationship" with a human mechanic named Takeo, and tries to kill him before being discharged by a coworker. The random attacks are designed to look like sporadic malfunctions of devices that humans depend on for their everyday routines. Domestic robots attack innocents, planes are intentionally set on a collision course, and smart cars start driving out of control. The resulting conflict is known as the New War.

After Archos R-14 turns the automated world against humanity, a group of Native Americans lead a group to fight back. Their base is on a reservation. Meanwhile, the resurrected Mikiko could "awake" other robots to be self-aware ("Freeborn").

Human and freeborn robots fight their last New War battle in Ragnarok Intelligence Fields. Before being terminated, Archos R-14 broadcast its last message via seismic wave to unknown recipients.