Book cover, Children of Dune by Frank Herbert.Author: Frank Herbert
Genre: Science fiction
Published: 1976
Pages: 409
Reading started: August 28th, 2016
Current progress: Page 70 of 409 (17.1%)
Reading ended: October 30th, 2016. This book was abandoned after 63 days. Why?
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Wikipedia: Nine years after Emperor Paul Muad’Dib walked into the desert, blind, the ecological transformation of Dune has reached the point where some Fremen are living without stillsuits in the less arid climate and have started to move out of the sietches and into the villages and cities. As the old ways erode, more and more pilgrims arrive to experience the planet of Muad’Dib. The Imperial high council has lost its political might and is powerless to control the Jihad.

Paul’s young twin children, Leto II and Ghanima, have concluded that their guardian Alia has succumbed to abomination - the possession by one of her ancestors - and fear that a similar fate awaits them. They (and Alia) also realize that the terraforming of Dune will kill all the sandworms, thus destroying the source of the spice, but the thing which has possessed Alia desires this outcome. Leto also fears that, like his father, he will be trapped by his prescience.

Why was this book abandoned?

Well, this is awkward. I was on a good streak with the Dune books. But for some reason "The Children of Dune" hasn’t clicked with me at all, and I haven’t picked up the book in well over a month.

It’s time to realize the obvious: I need a break from Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. This is by no means a permanent abandonment, I’m positive I’ll return to "The Children of Dune" one day, I’m just not sure when exactly.