Book cover, Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert.Author: Frank Herbert
Genre: Science fiction
Published: 1984
Pages: 509
Reading started: November 9th, 2018
Current progress: Page 21 of 509 (4.1%)
Reading ended: November 13th, 2018. This book was abandoned after 4 days. Why?
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Wikipedia: Fifteen hundred years have passed since the 3,500-year reign of the God Emperor Leto II Atreides ended with his assassination; humanity is firmly on the Golden Path, Leto’s plan to save humanity from destruction. By crushing the aspirations of humans for over three thousand years, Leto caused the Scattering, an explosion of humanity into the rest of the universe upon his death. Now, some of those who went out into the universe are coming back, bent on conquest. Only the Bene Gesserit perceive the Golden Path and are therefore faced with a choice: keep to their traditional role of hidden manipulators who quietly ease tensions and guide human progress while struggling for their own survival, or embrace the Golden Path and push humanity onward into a new future where humans are free from the threat of extinction.

Why was this book abandoned?

After spending the last half of 2018 with easy reads, diving into another one of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels was a drag. I love the first Dune novel, and it’s easily one of my top three science-fiction novels. But the rest of the books in the series hasn’t quite lived up to the first. And, man, are they hard to read (at least compared to a lot of more modern stuff).

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever return to Heretics of Dune, and the Dune universe. Easier reads seems like a more attractive option.