Book cover, The Boston Strangler by Gerold Frank.Author: Gerold Frank
Genre: Non-fiction, crime
Published: 1966
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Reading ended: February 4th, 2017. This book was abandoned after 16 days. Why?
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Amazon: On June 14, 1962, twenty-five-year-old Juris Slesers arrived at his mother’s apartment to drive her to church. But there was no answer at the door. After waiting a half hour, Juris shoved his way inside. He found fifty-five-year-old Anna Slesers lying on the kitchen floor, dead, the cord of her housecoat knotted tightly around her neck and turned up in a bow.

Between 1962 and 1964, twelve more bodies were discovered in and around Boston: all women, all sexually assaulted, and all strangled - often with their own pantyhose. None of the victims exhibited any signs of struggle, nothing was stolen from their homes, and there were no signs of forcible entry. The police could find no discernable motive or clues. Who was this insane killer? How was he entering women’s homes? And why were they letting him in?

More than a gripping chronicle of an American serial killer on par with Jack the Ripper, The Boston Strangler is a shocking story about what happens to a city under a siege of terror. Drawn from hundreds of hours of personal interviews, as well as police, medical, and court documentation, author Gerold Frank’s grisly, horrifying, and meticulously researched account was awarded the Edgar for Best Fact Crime.

Why was this book abandoned?

At close to 92% percent into this books, I’ve decided to call it quits. Not because it’s a bad book, but because the hunt is over. They’ve found the guy.

Or at least the guy who confessed to the murders. Wikipedia has an interesting article on the Boston Strangler murders, an article you should probably read after you’re done with the book. Or right now if you have no intention to read it.

Even though I never finished "The Boston Strangler", I’ll be bold enough to say that I read enough to give it a review score.