A brand new old TV!

After about a month of having no TV - my old Phillips idiot box died on me early July - I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new TV set today. Øyvind, who is currently living with Roar (note to self; update cast), was kind enough to lend me his old TV. They’ve got a huge thirty two inch wide screen in their living room, and they didn’t really need two sets. Good for me. It’s bigger than the old Phillips, I’m guessing twenty eight inches, and exactly what I was looking for.

On my way back home from work today a lot of things happened. A car in front of me suddenly revealed that it wasn’t an ordinary car at all, but an unmarked police car. It raced away, sirens wailing. A few seconds later, I hear a another police vehicle going in the same direction. Then, when I’m almost home, a third police car passes me. Inside I see a third from the living room window.

What the fuck is going on? I’m used to the odd emergency vehicle, I live rather close to a fire house, but this was a bit more than usual.

When Øyvind arrived with the TV, he said he’d seen armed police officers outside both the US and Israeli embassies. Call me a dumb fuck, but I get a little excited when there is some potential braking news involving a rather large amount of emergency vehicles and armed police officers (Norwegian street cops are usually unarmed). But there had been no new terrorist against the US of A. It turns out some raging lunatic had pulled out a huge knife on a tram, stabbed 6 people at random, killed one and seriously injured two, then hi-jacked a car and taken off. And all this happened about 300 metres from my building. When I worked at the NRK, I passed that exact tram almost every day. Now the cops are looking for a mentally deranged guy with a fucking huge knife in my neighbourhood.

Not something to get excited about.

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