A Couple of Albums Then Burn

As most of you’ve probably noticed by now that my 52 Albums or Burn-project is lacking rather far behind schedule. I bought project-specific albums for the first three weeks of this year. I’m not sure what week it’s now, but it sure ain’t week number four. This doesn’t mean that I stopped buying CDs or listening to music. Sure, I didn’t buy all the music I’ve listened to over the last few weeks, but that’s because some of it was crappy. Like Dido. Her previous album was OK, but I think I’ve begun to lean more towards rock since then.

Like my latest acquisition, the album Mass Distraction by Norwegian band Span. Not that big in Norway yet, better known in the UK, actually. That’s why I ordered the UK Limited Edition with an extra bonus track on the main CD, two bonus videos and an entire bonus disc with some remixes, demos and previously unreleased stuff. If there are limited editions of something available, I usually go for that instead of the standard version. I’m a sucker for most things labeled Limited.

So, how’s Span? It’s good, and it grows on me. Like biology. They sound a bit like Audioslave at times, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m not sure if the band is having a concert in Oslo anytime soon, and I’m not checking either, because their web site is - like most band sites - infested with the god damn Flash beast. Anyway, if they’re having a gig and I’m lucky enough to notice, even without Flash installed, I’ll probably drag someone along and go see them.

Machine Gun Rock And Roll.

Matthew Good And on another music-related notice; my hero Matthew Good has returned from the dead. Rumours have it he’s had a serious psychic breakdown or something like that. But that’s when artists make the best music, isn’t it? Also, there is supposed to be a new album being released in not-so-long. Can it be any better than Avalanche? We can always hope, but Matthew has to work hard to achieve that. Weapon is still giving me the chills.

I’ve got a feeling this is the kind of post that will attract zero comments. Do I write for comments? A part of me probably does.


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