A Familiar Feeling

I’ve now been an NRK-employee for a little over three months. It’s been an interesting ride so far, although there has been a lot of scratching ones head, thinking that maybe, just maybe I’d been more use if I’d staid in bed that day.

Thankfully, that’s getting better and there is less head scratching these days. We’ve been working on a rather ambitious project for a while now and with a little bit of luck, we might nail the deadline. At times I’ve even felt that I’ve actually been contributing, which is good. If I’d been my boss, however, I would probably have expected that I’d been more productive by now, but the platform I’m working on is just very complicated and intricate. Some parts of the code are clear as day, while others are slapped together by consultants without much love for documenting their art. That’s my excuse, at least, maybe I’m just getting old and slow.

Last week I had my first week where I didn’t work normal days in terms of hours. I didn’t work more than 60 hours, still there are three important differences compared to my previous job: First of all, 60+ hours was a normal work week in the mobile TV rat race. Secondly, the overtime I work now is paid overtime since it’s extra hours as a result of a deadline imposed by the management. Sounds like a good deal to me. And last but not least, over the three months I’ve been working, I’ve also accumulated about 40 hours of overtime that I won’t get paid for - instead I can take the 40 hours off from work, and get paid my normal wage.

If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up yet, because it’s a good dream.

With the exception of two days I’ve biked to and from work. All in all that’s a lot of biking, and the bike ride itself has gone from OK to boring to a state where I don’t really notice that I’m biking. I guess it’s the same way commuters feel. The main difference is that the commuters are stuck in the long line of cars I’m biking past. I laugh at them because they’re stuck, they laugh at me because it’s raining outside.


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