Believe it or not, but I did manage to reach Merete yesterday, but she didn’t want to see Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith with me because she’s not a Star Wars fan. Not the most imaginative excuse I’ve heard - if you’re a movie fan of any sort you should see Star Wars, even if the first two episodes sucked monkey balls at times. Episode III wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen either, but far better than Episode I and II. Lucas was close to messing up everything with his lousy attempts on a witty script, like he did with I and II. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and will probably be the proud owner of a DVD box containing Episodes I-VI when that’s available.

You’ll probably be surprised to know that I didn’t try to contact TC yesterday, and I plan to wait until Wednesday evening to give it another try. Hopefully I’ll be able to gather the mental strength I need to not even send her an SMS. It could be that she’s zoned out completely and need the time alone. What I did do was to hunt down one of her friends. I was pretty sure I’d seen her somewhere online before, and I was right. After about an hour of searching around, I tracked her down and left her a message asking for the phone number of another friend of her that’s a bit closer. The saga continues, to put it that way.