A Huge Funhouse Without The Fun

Cool! Another thirteen hours at work. I’m struggling with a hardware setup on a new server and it took a couple of hours before I was able to solve it. Or at least I think I was able to solve it, I have to buy some more parts tomorrow to be sure. There’s a proverb going something like this: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy but socially dead.” In my case, it just makes me socially dead because I get to bed late and rise early and that’s not making me very healthy. Will it pay off? I certainly hope so, because I could use the extra money to get into an nice retirement home when all this is over.

I’ve found a new band you should check out, Carpark North. They are Danish, sound a little bit like another Danish band, Mew, who I think have a new album coming out this summer. Sweet. I was unable to find Carpark North in any stores, even though I’ve seen their music video “Human” on TV a couple of times, so I ordered both their albums from a Danish online store. Once again, the internet saves the day and gives me access to all kinds of great music. Since I bought two CDs they gave a kickin’ rebate on one DVD, so I got a twin pack DVD with AVP: Alien Vs. Predator, which I haven’t got the chance to see yet, and Alien, which is just a classic that everybody should have in their collection.

To celebrate summer and make it interesting for my sex to visit the site, I bring you another excellent picture from Cali es Cali. No “play with my stick”-jokes, please!

Alexandra Lascar from Cali es Cali


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