A Lesson in Geography.

From my previous entry:

Stine is coming to visit today, and she’s staying for about a week. This will probably not interfere with my posting, since I’ve developed a habit of posting in the morning instead of during my usual posting hours.

Well, wrong again.

Now for a quick lesson i geography: I had to look something up tonight, and for some unknown reason I decided to use the Google website instead of the search bar in Opera. Google decides to thank me by redirect me to, the Swedish version of Google. Dear Google, I would like to point out one thing: Norway is not Sweden. Wikipedia has a nice article about Europe. I suggest having a quick look before you configure your redirects.

It’s the second Tuesday in the month – or Wednesday for some of us – which means that Microsoft has released yet another batch of critical patches. If you’re dumb enough to be using any Microsoft Windows versions (like me), be sure to secure your system. Visit Windows Update right now (only works in Internet Explorer).

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe

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  1. A security patches.. only bad thing is that my WindozeUpdate no longer works.. because M$ has added a very nice PID and serial key checker in SP2 RC2.. But why should this make a problem for me you ask? well .. *cough* let’s not discuss that any further shall we.. :P