Next up in the series of annual posts is a summary of my year in pictures as seen in the A Picture A Day project. Started back in 2013, the project now sports more than 2900 pictures, one for each and every day since its inception.

I take a lot of pictures of my kids, but most of you won’t see any of them here because they are hidden away in an area meant for friends and family. But if you enjoy scenery and fog, there will probably be a few shots you’ll like below.

Every year when I write this summary of A Picture A Day, I tell you to start taking at least one picture every day yourself. And this year is no different. You should begin to take a picture each day yourself. Start today it today. It’s a great way to save memories, both good and bad.

But let’s get to the point of this post. Here are some of my personal favorites from 2020.

The tower at OSL

A bonfire and sausages.
And now we smell like a bonfire

A yellow and orange sunrise on the fjord with a small lighthouse in the distance.
I’m still not tired of this view, and I hope you’re not either because this will not be the last time you’ll see it.

A pink toy tent in the middle of a green forest.
On a walk in the forest, when suddenly: A wild tent appears

A green corn field with a grey and ominous sky in the background.

The Slottsfjellet tower, Tønsberg, Norway
Back at semi-familiar turf.

A orange sunrise on the fjord.
Hello, Friday.

Silhouette of a person with an umbrella in the rain.

A closeup of a wet and slippery road in the fog.

A black Tesla Model X with its falcon door open.

The neighborhood in a blizzard.
The last winter storm this season?

A pretty faded sunrise.
Hello, world.

A close up a small, brown bird.
This one smashed into our living room window. But all is well, they took a shit on the porch, and had to gather their thoughts for a couple of minutes before flying off.

A deer in the front yard.
Afternoon visit in the front yard.

The World’s End, Tjøme, Norway
At the world’s end. I was surprised to see how much the place had changed since I was last here 13-14 years ago. Or perhaps my memory of the place has just faded.

The Copenhagen, Denmark harbour through a cabin window.
Bye, bye, Denmark.

A foggy nightshot of an apartment building.
The fog is coming in.

An light yellow sunset over the fjord.
A beer by the fjord. Not pictured: Beer.

A sailboat by the coast.
At the windy East coast.