A Question of Time

As planned I met with Sara and went with her to a party with tons and tons of people I didn’t know and still don’t know. I also met Cecilie, one of the other girls I went to Brazil with. We’ll never be best friends, to put it that way, but it was very nice talking to her again. I had a great time and me and Sara agreed that we had to start seeing each other more often. We did that the last time we met, too, but it sort of never happened. Maybe it does this time.

I think that the girl who moved in yesterday has moved back out. She had one bag with her when she came yesterday and was supposed to bring the rest of her stuff here today. But some time during last night she grabbed her bag and left. Or at least so I was told. For all I know she might have been murdered, chopped in tiny pieces and flushed down the toilet.

Tomorrow I’m finally going to that second job interview. I was a little bit scared that they might call me back after the IQ-test last Monday to tell me that I was too dumb to work for them, but so far, so good.

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  1. Uh… This doesn’t look real good, but what you meant was “I was too dumb”…

    You’re forgiven, though, because English isn’t your first language. :P

  2. so….
    how did it go? tell us. tell us..

    ian: I’m just curious here. what languages are you taught in school in Australia besides english? japanese?


  3. Klas: Moi, j’ai appris le français depuis l’année six. Mais ce n’est pas la seule langue autre que l’anglais dans les écoles en Australie. Souvent, ça depend sur le college; Scotch offre le français et l’indonèsien, et les autres offrent l’allemand ou le japonais… (Desolé, il y a assez longtemps – vers deux mois – depuis ma dernière tentative de parler en français.)

    “Me, I’ve learned French since Year Six. But it’s not the only language other than English in schools in Australia. Often, it depends upon the school. Scotch offers French and Indonesian, others offer German or Japanese… (Sorry, it’s been quite a long time – nearly two months – since my last attempt to speak in French.)


  4. It’s so sad that ian’s comment never got a fitting answer. There should’ve been confetti and bugles playing after such a good retort.