A Terrible Purchase Accident

Tomorrow is the second Friday of my now almost world-famous 52 albums or burn!-project. About half an hour ago, I compiled a list of all the recommendations I’ve received, minus a few I already knew or was unable to find any information on. The grand total now is 81 artists or bands, which is a bad thing since there are only 52 Fridays in a year. So the project might get pushed far into 2005. I plan to put the list online for you to glare at, but I’m not quite sure when that’ll happen, maybe this weekend. Depends a on how much is happening in Real LifeTM.

It’s been a while since I’ve been really sweaty. And I’m pretty sure you’re all very interested in knowing why, so I’ll tell you all about it. I had my virgin go-cart race a couple of months ago, and since I’m usually not racing around a narrow track at 50 kph, the experience was quite a strain and I managed to seriously fuck up one of my ribs. Didn’t crash or anything, probably just have to drink more milk. Anyway… Because of that, I’ve not been able to use my bike for exercising as much as I want, and when my rib miraculously fixed itself, it started to get so cold outside riding a bike to any other place than work was out of the question.

But yesterday I finally found the hidden gym at work and I can start to work out for free again. It’s crappy, which means that there are very few people using. Which, in turn, suits me very well. The plan now is to go there three times a week, and today I took an easy start. Whish me luck, as my previous attempts at getting in better shape have failed miserably.

Today I also more or less accidently bought two more books from Amazon. The value of the Norwegian currency is falling as a rock compared to the USD, so I figured I should buy something while I was still able to get quality reading at an affordable price. I’ve recently bought books on CSS, regular expressions and MySQL, all nice for designing and coding a web site. The regular expressions books is very interesting, the CSS book has still to learn me anything new and I’ve not really started on the one about MySQL. This time I decided to move more towards content and usability, and ended up ordering Hot Text: Web Writing that Works and Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. “Usability” was a concept I learned a lot about when studying at the university, and it’s both interesting and important. Without good usability, you’re fucked, no matter how good the content you deliver are/is (“content”, singluar or plural? Enlighten me!). Seems like they were able to brain wash me after all.


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