So, what have I been doing today, then? The weather is OK, a little sun, a little clouds, so your best guess is probably that I’ve spent the day outside, enjoying my Saturday off from work. Well, that guess is just plain wrong, wrong I tell you! I’ve been sitting at work all day, for about seven hours now. And I’m not charging NRK a single penny for the time. Why? Because the harder I work, the higher the chance of a more permanent engagement. Or at least that’s what I hope for. I want them to think “this guy is a machine, we gotta hire him before anyone else does!” Of course they’ll notice that I’ll start charging them for all the time I’m working when they hire me, but by then it’s too late. And what I’m working with now is great fun, too.

Besides, all of the people I know in Oslo are busy today, so the alternative to working was staring at the wall, and that’s not much fun. I know, I’ve tried. But tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I’ll walk over to Frognerparken and spend the day, at least some of it, there. Rumours have it that there are a lot of good looking girls hanging there, and I might as well take advantage of just that. I also have to work on my tan. As of now, it’s close to none-existent.

I also got a hair-cut today. Getting a specific amount of hair removed from your head is ridiculously expensive in Oslo, Terje paid about 500 NOK (about $60/£41/€60 with today’s exchange rate), and that’s pretty damn expensive. I managed to find a barber’s shop not far from where I live that did the same for 275 NOK. That’s almost half the price, and I don’t look half-bad either. The place was a little shabby, but what can you expect from a place called Barber Shop Hagar - after the Hägar the Horrible comic.