A walk in the park


My apartment is a separate section of a large apartment. The land lady lives in the other, and probably considerably larger part. Yesterday night she threw a party. When I moved in she told me that this building was that kind of building where you had to announce parties a long time in advance, implying that there was no way in hell I was going to have a party during my stay. But she never told me that she was having a party. Hypocrisy? Maybe so, but I don’t mind. Actually, I would probably never have noticed that there ever was a party if it hadn’t been for my trip to the bathroom to take piss at around three in the morning and that someone stumbled into my bedroom looking for the same bathroom. Of course I don’t share my bathroom with the land lady, but hers was probably occupied by jabbering women, so this poor fella went on an adventure to find another one. I never saw him, I just heard his “whops” when he realized he’d entered a room not that well-suited for urinating. When I woke up there was no bad smell in the apartment, so I guess he found what he was looking for.

Today after the usual code whacking at NRK I went to Frognerparken, a large park just a couple of minutes walk from the apartment. I took my camera with me, but I didn’t take that many pictures, not wanting to look like that much like a tourist. And the few I took were pretty crappy, too. What I really want to take pictures of are people. But it’s kind of weird to walk up to people laying in the grass, asking them if I could take their picture. I could of course pretend to be a foreign exchange student from some famous photography academy, but that’s just not me. I’ll probably have to take pictures of people I know instead.

During my walk in the park, I came across Janne and two friends of her. So I ended up chatting with them for an hour or so. One of her friends was rather good looking, I think “cute” is a very accurate description of her. And she really had the most beautiful eyes. Being a single - or “romantically challenged” - male, I easily make observations like this. Now, looking at a girl’s eyes is a bit revealing, it is easy for her to discover that you look at her, since you only really see her eyes when you look straight into them. It’s way easier to look at, say, nice breasts, since you can just make “accidental” peeks at them whenever you feel like it - and they usually don’t stare back at you. I think she got a little embarrassed from my staring, so I managed not to.

During my conversation with the girls, Kristoffer called. At first I didn’t think that it was my phone, I’m still not used to the T68i ringing tone. He wanted me to join the usual suspects for a screening of the new Charlie’s Angles movie on Sunday. After having thought about it for a while, I must say that’s it’s not very likely to happen. He wants me to come to Notodden - since that’s where they are. That means I have to pay $30 for the bus, which takes two hours each way. And I have to go back to Oslo the same day, since I have to go to work on Monday.



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