During this weekend we’ve seen events of historical proportions. Two in particular come to mind: NASA’s Spirit made a successful landing on Mars. The American space agency sure needed a triumph now, particularly after the Columbia accident in February last year. And it was a great relief after ESA’s Beagle 2 failed miserably on Christmas Day. According to the article on Beagle 2, there is still a slight thread of hope that ESA will establish contact with the spacecraft. Spaceflight Now brings you up-to-the-minute information about both the Spirit and the Beagles 2 Mars adventures.

The other event of the weekend that’ll find its way into 2nd grade history books is the reported wedding of all straight men’s wet dream, Britney Spears. Dressed in jeans and a cap - and probably shoes and a top, but there is no mentioning of this in the articles - she married childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas yesterday. I’ve even got a copy of the marriage licence.

But, hey - stop the press - AP is reporting that the Princess of Pop is already seeking annulment! That’s a real bummer, Jason. But look at it this way: You were married to Britney long enough to make it through the wedding night. And that’s a pretty good story to tell at parties.

The response to my 52 albums or burn!-project is exceeding my wildest expectations thanks to Jason Kottke and all the kind, intelligent and music loving visitors he sent my way. I’ve had a quick count, and it looks like I’m already past 52 suggestions, so I’ll just start at the bottom and work my way up. I sure hope that the better part of the albums I’ll listen to during 2004 are more entertaining than the Jim Stärk CD I bought on Friday. There’s a good chance that it’ll just get covered in dust somewhere in my collection.